Pharoah Tohnloq aka MC Pharoah

Cross Reference: GBI Case File GBWC-2004-22/001
Class IV Mummified Reanimated Corpus
PKE Reading: Power 6; Ectopresence unestablished
Pharoah Tohnloq was a grandson of the infamous "Clown Pharoah"Ahagotsu (mentioned in Tobin's Spirit Guide), but dreamed of being a singer. Unfortunately, he couldn't sing and became what could be called the world's first "gangsta rapper". He was mummified after death and remained so until the morning hours of January 1, 2004, when he ripped free of his sarcophagus and turned up twelve hours later in the mansion of Matthew "Zagnut" Marshall. After standard Ghostbusting methods proved ineffective, GBWC member John Lipsyte brokered a deal wherein Tohnloq became part of Marshall's entourage, where he became known as MC Pharoah.

Description: Wrapped in bandages, decaying. Wears sunglasses, lots of tacky jewelry (his "bling bling"), screams about cursing you if you piss him off.

Current Status: Touring with Matthew "Zagnut" Marshall. All GBI locations on the tour schedule are encouraged to remain vigilant


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