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Proton Pack

The Proton Pack is the signature item of Ghostbusting equipment, utilizing positively charged ions created from the alpha particle decay of plutonium to bind and depower ectoplasmic entities (PKE is negatively charged, which Professor Spengler says is related to the role of electrons in the Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle and a bunch of other stuff that everyone but Fritz fell asleep while he explained)

The particular model of pack used by the GBWC is referred to as the Mark 4, which externally greatly resembles the legendary Mark 1 used by the original Ghostbusters for over ten years. It restores the cyclotron based concept of the Mark 1 over the plasma core system used in the 1997 versions, the Mark 2 and the Mark 3 (proton pistol), but the advances in miniaturization and computer techonolgy have been of great benefit--there is a telemetry download that can be monitored at a GB Central host, and the computer controls the flow of coolant--leading to greater reliability and less chance of overloading.

While the original Mark 1 Proton Pack only had two settings, Attack and Confinement, the Mark 4, as the latest in Ghostbusting technology, features a total of five settings; a skilled technician can make adjustments on the field, but these are the standard settings programmed into the Mark 4:

Setting 1: Attack. Generates the most energetic stream of particles, expressly designed to weaken an entity's psychokinetic energy and it's connection to our time-space continuum (referred to officially as "Ectopresence") The GBI pack is set to still emit a weak Confinement field even in Attack mode--GBI Case File GBNY-1986-4/305 (code name "RoboBuster") demonstrates the necessity of not using a "pure" Attack mode.

Setting 2: Confinement. Generates a positively charged "cage" around the entity being confined; however, the Confinement is only effective if the entity's Ectopresence has been reduced to a valence of zero--otherwise it can easily break the Confinement stream. Once Confined, standard procedure is to capture the entity in a Ghost Trap.

Both of the above setting are found in all models of Proton Pack

Setting 3: Repulsion. Enough circumstances have arisen that Dr. Stantz made this option standard--the creation of a negatively charged stream to drive the target away from the source of the stream. As an example, in their first case the Ghostbusters UK made use of this setting to drive their demonic enemy back into a dimensional rift (Case File GBUK-2002-20/001 "Going Into Business")

Setting 4: Solar Beam. As you might expect, this setting is useful against vampires and other such undead (ex. GBNY-1984-2/216 "Noone Comes To Lupusville"; GBNY-1991-9/271 "Shadow Of The Inquisitors")

Setting 5: Organic Confinement. The GBI founders once dabbled in the art of crime fighting, and in the process created this mode to capture organic beings (see case file GBNY-1984-3/229 "Ghost Busted" for more details). It is practically useless against paranormal creatures, or even organic creatures much above human strength, but has come in useful when fighting victims of posession. (ie GBI-2005-23/820 "Con-Fusion")

For more about the operation of the Proton Pack, refer to The Ghostbusters Fact List: Equipment

Ghost Trap

The GBWC ghost trap is the standard, proven model that has served GBI since 1983. Like the Proton Pack, it has been upgraded over the years, but retains the same essential operation and configuration. Dr. Otter and some of the other GBI offices have developed some alternate concepts, but the original configuration will remain viable for the concievable future.

The GBWC does not have any of the larger, bulkier trap designs created in 1997, though Dr. Venkman and Dr. Stantz have stated that they can be provided if needed.

For more about the Ghost Trap, refer to The Ghostbusters Fact List: Equipment

PKE Meter

The GBWC utilizes the latest model of the PKE meter, the Model 3.0, which utilizes the latest in computerization technologies. A fuller description is found by calling up the full size data sheet (click on the picture).

For more about the theories and operation of PKE Meters, refer to The Ghostbusters Fact List: Equipment

Ecto Goggles

Another Ghostbuster standard, these allow for the detection of invisible ghosts and some nightsight capacity.

The Neutrona Saber

This custom GBWC item was the brainchild of Dr. Nash, and made real by Dr. Otter and Dr. Baugh. It was created to fight a specific entity (see case file "Post-Mortem Kombat"), but a small number remain in the posession of the team. Dr. Nash and Peter Kong both have custom neutrona sabers designed to resemble the Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda video games. Click on the picture for a larger display.

The neutrona saber utilizes the plasma cores from the 1997 proton pack system, which gives it great power but a short lifespan. One important tip: as tempting as Star Wars like saber battles are, DO NOT DO SO. The clashing of neutrona sabers would create the same protonic reversal as the crossing of proton pack streams.

The Proton Rail Gun

Adapted from Dr. Nash's proposal: "What exactly IS a rail gun? Simply put, it's a weapon that fires projectiles using electromagnetism instead of gunpowder. Not only that, but they fire these projectiles at a much higher velocity.

Anyway...why would you need such a firearm when the proton packs work just fine?

Well think about this. A lot of non-ghost entities have some seriously thick skin. The proton beam's just gonna burn marks all over 'em, and a normal gun's bullets are gonna bounce right off.

Then, you pull out the Rail Gun. You load the chamber with a few shells that, since they don't have to contain gunpowder, can be made of really fragile glass and loaded full of stuff like holy water, garlic, really tiny religious charms like prayer beads, or whatever. Now suppose these special anti-supernatural bullets could also be tipped with silver, wood, or what-have-you, depending on the creature your fighting?

Now you've got the necessary force to pump a particularly thick skinned vampire, lycanthrope, etc. full of the proverbial lead."

The Proton Rail Gun runs off of the same plasma cannister system Professor Spengler and Dr. Jackson devised in 1997. It can be also be connected to a proton pack; it can fire all the standard beams as detailed in the Mark 4 Proton Pack above, though does lack some "hitting power" compared to it.

Dr. Nash's proposal to use "mood slime" as ammunition proved successful in the Professor Leon (2004), Gozer Return (2004), and Calcent the Eye Collector (2005) cases. In addition to Dr. Nash, Kylie Griffin of GBNY has taken to using this weapon.

Proton Pistol
Technically the Mark 3 Proton Pack system, it was developed by Professor Spengler and Dr. Jackson in 1997. Most famously used by Kylie Griffin (GBNY), it has also seen use by Iain Bennett (GBUK) and, more recently, GBWC CEO Fritz Baugh (due to complications using the heavy Mark 4 with his prosthetic). The Pistol system has been retrofitted to posess all five settings of the Mark 4, but it's payload and damage capacity is vastly inferior
Slime Blower

The Slime Blower was first devised by Dr. Stantz and Professor Spengler in late 1988, as a way of carrying and using the psychomagnetheric ectoplasm (aka "mood slime") central to the plan of 17th Century Moldavian Tyrant Vigo the Carpathian.

The Slime Blower works essentially like a fire extinguisher, projecting its ammunition at a specific target selected by the operator. The slime tanks are mounted onto an A.L.I.C.E. Pack Frame with bigger Straps and more padding and protection than the Proton Pack's A.L.I.C.E. Pack Frame. There are also two small but bright lights attached on top of the two small green air tanks. The Slime Blower works on an air pressure system.

While the supply of psychomagnetheric ectoplasm is limited, the Slime Blower can be used to carry other liquid ammunition: in one case in 1991, GBNY member Winston Zeddemore loaded it with dishwashing liquid to fight earth spirits.

GBWC has two on-hand, and a small stock of psychomagnetheric ectoplasm. Kyle Stevens wielded it during the Calcent case.

For more about the Slime Blower, refer to The Ghostbusters Fact List: Equipment


Like the earlier ECTO-1S, this is a converted SWAT van. Like the standard replivehicle, it contained storage for proton packs, ghost traps, and other equipment, and features an extensive array of sensor and communications devices. There's also an extensive collection of illegally downloaded MP3s on it's computer's hard drive.


Formerly the vehicle of the North Team, now the GBWC's "ceremonial" car, the ECTO-1N is the favored GBI replivehicle, modelled after the design of a 1959 Cadillac Miller Meteor, and is specifically patterned after the look of the New York team's ECTO-1A of late 1988-early 1989. ("The flashy look fits LA a lot better than it did New York" Dr. Venkman explained) It seats up to six occupants, as well as having storage for up to like number of proton packs, a half dozen ghost traps, (or more with less proton packs in haul). The roof rack contains a multitude of sensor and communications devices (and the led displays are great advertising). Dr. Williams swore he'd figured out how to get free Cinemax on the satellite dish, too.


The former vehicle of the South Team was a converted SWAT van, per the suggestion of Dr. Stevens. Like the standard replivehicle, it contained storage for proton packs, ghost traps, and other equipment. Chad and Peter claim to have wired the computer to run illegal ports of old NES games. It was also painted in similar color scheme to the ECTO-1N. It was named in honor of the original ECTO-1S, the former vehicle of the ETGBs.

The Ronmobile

This was the truck driven by Ron Daniels. It's seen previous use by the Georgia Ghostbusters and NOMAD.

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