Cross Reference: GBI Case File No. GBWC-2005-23/207
Vampiric Undead; Followers of Set Clan, Eleventh Generation
Power 5
Teth-Apophis was leader of a clan of vampires of the Settite Clan. It is unknown if he sired all of the vampires in his cult, but it is assumed that both his majordomo, Scarab, and Rayven (Rachel Klien) were his direct progeny.

As a Follower of Set, he could transform into a snake instead of a bat--due to his mastery of the vampiric Discipline of Serpentis, he could become a massive cobra the size of a human being. In addition, he could generate a powerful charismatic aura (Presence). The third Clan Discipline of the Settites is invisibility (Obfuscation), though there is no record of Teth-Apophis using that ability. Reportedly, the weakness of his Clan is sensativity to sunlight above and beyond that of other vampires.

Otter also wishes us to report that Teth-Apophis was immune to garlic and vampire chalk.

Whether he was an ally or rival of Master Orus is unknown.

Brief Description: Tall, skinny physique, with long hair. He would dress in pseudo-Egyptian garb when conducting Settite rituals, otherwise he favored long black cloaks

Current Status: Destroyed by the Ghostbusters West Coast in June 2005. As of this writing, the fate of his minion Scarab is unknown to GBI


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