Soul Tracker

Cross Reference: GBI Case File No. GBWC-2006-24/209
Tentatively identified as a Class III Risen--Entity Posesssing A Deceased Corpse
Power 6
Information about this entity is sketchy at best. According to legends related to GBI by Rachel Leavenworth, the Soul Tracker lives by stealing people's souls. Other accounts suggest they can teleport or crossrip, and that when a human's soul is stolen they too will (or could) become a Soul Tracker. The heart of their power appears to be the swords they carry; the Soul Tracker encountered by the GBWC in August 2006 appeared to be using a deceased human body.

Brief Description: Average size about 6'2'' and 220 lbs. He has a athletic body style but his appearence is all black and he has green glowing eyes. Carries a sword called the " Soultrracker's sword", it's solid black with a red handle.

Current Status: The Soul Tracker encountered by the GBWC in August 2006 is still At Large.


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