Cross Reference: GBI Case File No. GBWC-2005-23/207
Vampiric Undead; Followers of Set Clan, Twelfth Generation
Power 3
Rayven's real name was Rachel Klien, and according to Oscar Wallance she was born in 1988 in Los Angeles. She was a childhood friend of Oscar's, and started using the name "Rayven" during her "Goth phase" around the turn of the Millenium. (Oscar similarly used the name "Darkvayne", though he abandoned it before 2003)

At some time after Oscar and the Venkman family left LA, probably within the first half of 2005, Rayven was Embraced by Teth-Apophis, leader of a cult of vampires belonging to the Followers of Set clan. When Oscar visited LA in May and June of 2005, Rayven was told to Embrace him as part of her "initiation" into the clan. She failed, and was murdered by Teth-Apophis

As a Follower of Set, she could transform into a snake instead of a bat. It is unknown if she had any mastery or knowledge of the other Clan Disciplines of the Settites, Obfuscation (invisibility) or Presence (enhanced charisma). Reportedly, the weakness of his Clan is sensativity to sunlight above and beyond that of other vampires.

Brief Description: An attractive redheaded girl of about 17, who still dressed in somewhat Gothic fashion.

Current Status: Destroyed by Teth-Apophis in June 2005


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