The Ravisher
Cross Reference: GBI Case File GBWC-2003-21/001
Class IV Psychoreactive Spectre
PKE Reading: Power 5, Ectopresence 10
This entity first appeared to murder director Jon Dennison for unspecified reasons. Investigation is ongoing. The Ravisher's rants include mention of enties called "Lord Atrocity" and "Anubis" (the Egyptian death god; often depicted, like the Ravisher, as having the head of a jackal)

Update: The Ravisher's origin has become clearer, and he's been reclassified accordingly. In life, he was Joseph Snurf, a disgruntled animation director. Snurf sold his soul to Atrocity/Anubis to avenge himself on both Dennison and Snurf's former lover, actress Catharine Bartholomew.

Brief Description: An Average spirit about 5 ft tall. He has a wraith-like body with the head of a jackal, he has red glowing eyes and has talons instead of hands. He's also wears brown or black hoodies or robes. He has a greying or smoke color body, as well.

Current Status: Unknown; presumed destroyed by Anubis, but there were no remains located.


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