Nick Hogan

Cross Reference: GBI Case File GBNY-2003-21/264
Class IV Full Torso Apparition
PKE Reading: Power 4, Ectopresence 7
Nicholas Hogan was born in Newark, New Jersey, and was murdered by a robber in 1988. The case went unsolved until September 2003, when GBNY was contacted by Jackson Blackstrom--Dr. Williams and Dr. Baugh accompanied Dr. Stantz on the call, and Dr. Baugh recognized Nick Hogan (they had gone to camp together in 1983) With the help of Hogan's younger brother Leon, Blackstrom was exposed as the murderer and Nick dispersed peacefully to the Other Side

From May-August 2004, his younger brother Leon served as a member of the Ghostbusters West Coast's North Team.

A handsome, if somewhat wiry young man of about eighteen, dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. He speaks in a strong New Jersey accent.

Current Status: Dispersed peacefully


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