Cross Reference: GBI Case File No. GBWC-2004-22/005
Class Five Manifestation--Fictional Characters Animated by Psychokinetic Power
Power 3 Ectopresence 4
The stars of the old "Mayhem of the Moononites" video game, Ignignot and Err were animated by psychokinetic flux. They were consumed and destroyed by the entity posessing the body of Dr. Nash's old mentor, Professor Phillip Leon

Brief Description: Looking like video game sprites from the early Eighties (which they are), they're both very immoral and id-driven--"We do whatever we want, whenever we want, to whomever we want" is their motto.

Ignignot is the larger and smarter of the two, and talks in a smooth voice. Err is smaller, with a higher voice, and is more excitable. Both are arrogant in the extreme, and spout at length about how much more advanced Moon is than Earth. And that they're great spellers.

Current Status: Destroyed by Professor Leon


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