Lucindra, Consor of Dagon

Cross Reference: GBI Case File No. GBNS-2004-22/203
Unconfirmed--Class 4 or 7
Unconfirmed--massive PK readings at Toad Island were detected at the time of her appearances, but it is unknown if this was a manifestation of her own power, or that of Dagon
According to Heremtic records provided by Dr. Vincent Belmont (GBAD): In 1504, Lucindra Williams bargained for power from Dagon, the "Deepest One", a figure from Phoenician mythology also depicted in The Necronomicon. As is often the case in such dealings, there was a price involved: to Dagon would be presented one fertile human woman. Lucindra intended this to be her vassal, Danise MacDuff.

The Hermetic wizard Dragonis Cerulean (Mundane name Fergus Aberdeen), however, intervened. He and his covenant freed MacDuff from Lucindra's clutches, and Lucindra himself was forced into servitude to Dagon. She managed to place a curse on Aberdeen and MacDuff, however, insuring tragic outcomes to many of their descendants' attempts at romance. Lucindra was presumably forced to bear many Deep One spawn; the inhabitants of Toad Island are presumed descendants of that mating (Cross reference: GBNY-1989-7/108)

In 2004, Lucindra tricked one of Fergus and Danise's descendants, Dorothy Aberdeen, into taking her place as Dagon's "Consor". As fertility was a prerequisite, Dorothy was too old to serve herself: they instead manipulated Dorothy's niece, GBWC Client Administrator Chelsea Aberdeen, into that horrible position. Dr. Belmont, GBWC CEO Dr. Fritz Baugh, and GBNightsquad members Bo Holbrook and Jen Spengler prevented this outcome.

Brief Description: Effectively a naked human woman comprised out of water, with a growth of moss and/or other plants serving as "hair."

Current Status: Forced back into servitude to Dagon, she is presumably somewhere in his undersea (extradimensional?) domain.


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