Jenny Hanniver

Cross Reference: GBI Case File No. GBWC-2004-22/004
Physical entity
Originated by Medieval Lore
Height- 3-4 ft
Weight- 50-100 lbs
Intelligance- Normal
Powers- Feeds on Fear , but no supernatural abilities known,which makes it a fear dweller. Nut it can glide through the air.
Strengths- Fear of other people, biting holes into fishing boats and can glide under at a certain wind current.
Weakness- While, gliding it tends to lose oxygen, for a few minutes making it able to capture.

Brief Description: A snake-like with body with a twist tail and sharp teeth.About 3-4 ft in lenth and its weight is about 50-100 lbs.

File by Dr. Kyle Stevens, GBWC Field Co-Captain


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