Jack Kong
Cross Reference: GBI Case File GBWC-2003-21/008
Class IV Full Torso Apparition
PKE Reading: Power 4, Ectopresence 7
Jack Kong is the older son of former Ghost Buster Jake Kong Jr. (part of a "splinter" ghostbusting group unaffiliated with Ghostbusters Inc. or GBI) who led an unremarkable life before being murdered in a hold-up. After that, he was recruited by the "Ghost Father", George Karlson, and fought the GBWC and his brother Peter

Brief Description: Slightly tall and solidly, but not overly, muscular. He has red hair and constantly wears shades, but unmistakably resembles both his brother Peter and father Jake. As a ghost gangster, he's ususally manifested in zoot suits to fit in with his fellow gangsters

Current Status: Classfied at Present


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