Isabel the Succubus

Cross Reference: GBI Case File No. GBWC-2004-22/003
Class V Psychomagnetheric Vampire--Dar'ota Hordeling
PKE Readings: Power 6 Ectopresence 11
Known by various aliases, Isabel is a Succubus--the female variety of the demonic hordeling species Dar'ota. (There is also a male variant, the Incubus, which is otherwise identical). Being psychomagnetheric vampires, they feed on strong emotions. This particular species craves the emotions of lust, so their MO is to adopt a supremely attractive form and seduce their victims, draining their energy over the course of numerous sexual enounters, then either leaving them (enjoying the thought of the emotional turmoil left behind) or simply kill them in the midst of a tryst when it is no longer "interesting"

Brief Description: The creature known as Isabel adopted a form from the Latin Culture, she appears to be an attractive woman dressed in purplew with brown eyes and long brown hair. She's about 5'7'' and 135 lbs. Her natural form is a hairless creature with dank greenish skin, horns (though less than an Incubus), and gargoyle-like wings.

Current Status: Confined in GBWC ECU


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