Hobnail the Hobgoblin
Cross Reference: GBI Case File GBWC-2003-21/013
Class V Hobgoblin
PKE Reading: Power 4 Ectopresence 6
A three hundred year old hobgoblin with a talent for mischief, he cast a spell of anger on Dr. Stevens that turned him into a Hulk/Case Study 1 Winston-like rampaging monster. Dr. Nash and Mr. Kong broke the spell and defeated Hobnail by recording the creature's own intensely annoying laughter and playing it back to him.

Brief Description: Average hobglobin size ( 4'5'') plus normal weight (150 lbs). Wears a brown robe or trench coat. Has brownish- tan skin tone. He has a pointed nose, sharp looking teeth, pointed chin, and an annoying laugh. Has orange-red eyes.

Current Status: Contained in GBWC ECU


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