Herr Geistimann
Cross Reference: GBI Case File No. GBWC-2004-22/100
Physical Entity, presumably once human
Power 7
The history of Herr Geistimann is unknown, though his name and accent strongly imply a connection, possibly an origin, in Germany. He and his wife Frau Geistimann worked for Lord Atrocity (Anubis) though it is believed that they did so as mercenaries, as opposed to any real loyalty to him. He was said to be the leader of Lord Atrocity's ground forces. While a capable spell caster (he freed the Bugbear), he prefers to let his sword do his talking. He's boastful about his martial prowess, and can easily be goaded into a fight--but that might not be a good thing...

Brief Description: Tall figure about 7'0'' and 345 lbs. He has a greyish skin tone and wears armor that resembles copper, but is far more powerful. He has yellow eyes and white long hair.

Current Status: Unknown. He was last seen in April 2004, being drawn into Lord Atrocity's realm.


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