The Ghost Father
Cross Reference: GBI Case File GBWC-2003-21/008
Class IV Full Torso Apparition
PKE Reading: Power 6, Ectopresence 12
One of the most feared apparitions in the Sunshine state. This is the ghost of George Karlson, who was wanted for murder, high way robbery, and other major crimes. When this man was alive, his main goal was to rid the world of policemen and any thing that had to do with the law. Karlson died at age 76 from a shot to the heart. It is believed that the ghost is still loose on the streets plotting new schemes. The Ghost Father still has control over three of his most trusted colleagues: Sam “Hip” Piston, Kyle “Hop” Reavis, and Darryl “Stretch” Armstrong.

Note: Not to be confused with Poso, the Ghostfather mentioned in GBI Case File GBNY-1989-7/506

Brief Description: Pale green chubby man in a tux. A thin black mustache, little hair and a short black hat.

Current Status: Classified

Ghost Father's Henchmen
Cross Reference: GBI Case File GBWC-2003-21/008
All are Class IV Full Torso Apparitions
Sam "Hip"Piston
Valence 3, Ectopresence 5

Kyle "Hop" Reavis
Valence 3, Ectopresence 5

Hip and Hop are virtually identical short, stubby, ugly entities in tuxedoes. Hip is blue, Hop is red.

Darryl "Stretch" Armstrong
Valence 3, Ectopresence 5
Stretch is a tall, thin ghoul wearing a tuxedo

Current Status of all is Classified

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