Ghostbusters Flip Side

Cross References: GBI Case Files GBNY-1986-4/402; GBNY-1991-9/205; GBWC-2006-24/211; GBI-2007-25/310
The Ghostbusters Flip Side are an unofficial branch of GBI, founded to help humans who have been warped to the alternate dimension dubbed "the Flip Side". First encountered by the original Ghostbusters in 1986, it's a sort of "Bizarro World" where ectoplasmic and protoplasmic (living) entities find their roles reversed from our world. The Ghostbusters Flip Side take it upon themselves to help the living avoid the snare of the Peoplebusters.

At Present, only three confirmed members are known to GBI.

Professor Ian Chesterton Epimetheus is a dimensional science researcher who made several breakthroughs from his studies of Babylonian Geomatics. Professor Epimetheus taught physics at MIT for decades before his retirement in 1977, and the most notable of his students was GBI co-founder Egon Spengler. He disappeared into the Flip Side in the late 1970's, and after meeting his old protege in 1991 adopted the Ghostbusters name and insignia as a rallying point for his activities.

Ellie Carrell appears to be a Flip Side counterpart of the GBWC's Spirit Liason Rachel Leavenworth. She was first encountered on Halloween 2006, when she was briefly translocated to LA and chased by the "Peoplebusters West Coast" [Additional notation classified at this time]

Victor Ulforce is the most mysterious. He bears a notable resemblance to GBWC co-founder and current CEO Fritz Baugh, but the existance of a definite Flip Side counterpart of Dr. Baugh (the leader of the Peoplebusters West Coast) has made Ulforce's existance all the more troubling. GBNY encountered an older man named "Professor Ulforce", a Chronomancer, in 1999--it is unknown if there is any connection between them. [Additional notation classified at this time]

Current Status: [Classified at this time]


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