Frau Geistimann
Cross Reference: GBI Case File No. GBWC-2004-22/100
Physical Entity, presumably once human
Power 9
The history of Frau Geistimann is unknown, though her name and accent strongly imply a connection, possibly an origin, in Germany. She and her husband Herr Geistimann worked for Lord Atrocity (Anubis) though it is believed that they did so as mercenaries, as opposed to any real loyalty to him. She was said to be the leader of the air troops for Lord Atrocity, and was a powerful necromancer and spell caster. She was also vain and obsessive about her appearance, often lounging in baths filled with exotic oils that she believed would intensify her beauty.

Brief Description: Average size about 5'9'' and 135 lbs. She was a attractive appearence, wore a purple body suit, but was not above going naked to distract male opponents. She had a pale complexion. long black hair, and black eyes

Current Status: Unknown. She was last seen in April 2004, being drawn into Lord Atrocity's realm.

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