The Drizzlepuss

Cross Reference: GBI Case File No. GBNY-2007-25/212
Class 4 Hydrokinetic/Tectonic Phantasm
Power 3 Ectopresence 5
The Drizzlepuss is a ghost which manifests by integrating its essence with water, giving it a physical form that is immune to both the Standard GBI Operating Procedures and many physical attacks.

The specific Drizzlepuss encountered by GBI executive Winston Zeddemore and GBNY trainees Jason Knetge and Aidan Munroe in January 2007 was identified as Admiral William Crumley (Jan 31, 1831-Feb 21, 1907), last member of a family of Naval officers. William Crumley had wanted to move west and hunt gold instead, but was (in his mind) forced into the family business. His bitter spirit hung around his family estate, dormant, until awakened by GBNY foe Nathaniel Blaque (GBNY-1989-7/109) for reasons that are still unclear.

Drizzlepusses have an array of hydrokinetic powers. Recommended procedures include boiling away the water body, absorbing it into giant sponges, or the use of cement compounds to render it immobile. At that point, the ectoplasmic essence should either be exposed or forced to expose itself, and be suceptible to Standard Procedure

Brief Description: Basically, a human-ish form made of water. The water form is far less defined than that of water spirits such as Lucindra Williams (GBWC-2004-22/203)

Current Status: Admiral Crumley is currently interred in the GBWC ECU.


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