"Awesome" Davis Spurlock

Cross Reference: GBI Case File No. GBWC-2005-23/207
Vampiric Undead; Malkavian Clan, Eleventh Generation
Power 4
"Awesome Davis" Spurlock is a stage magician and comedian who inherited the Rosary Bathport club upon the death of it's prior manager, Gen Brown. Spurlock is also one of the undead, specifically a member of the rather eccentric Clan known as the Malkavians.

Like most vampires, Spurlock can presumably assume a bat form, though Kyle Stevens has never seen him do this, or use any of the other Disciplines he can presumably draw upon. Classic Malkavian Disciplines include Auspex (psychic sensativity), Obfuscation (invisibility), Domination and/or Dementation (forms of mind control).

Malkavians all suffer some form of incurable insanity; Dr. Stevens suggests that Spurlock's tendancy to "imitate" the weaknesses of other clans (i.e. he sleeps in a coffin with dirt from his hometown, a Tzimsce trait) is part of his affliction

Brief Description: Human but pale, as vampires are wont to be. He tends to wear sunglasses even though he is never out at any time other than the middle of the night. Often seen wearing a Count Chocula t-shirt

Current Status: Still owner/manager of the Rosary Bathport. GBI has determined that Spurlock is not a danger at this time, but is still subject to monitoring due to the aformentioned potential for insanity.

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