Calcent The Eye Collector

Cross Reference: GBI Case File No. GBWC 2005-23/201
Class VII Corporeal Entity
PKE Reading: Inapplicable; Radiation equivalent to Power 7
Calcent is a murderous "eye collector" who prefers to victimize people with green eyes--possibly because they were a rarity in the pre-annexation California, where the legends of Calcent (as well as his comrades Darmond the Tormentor and the Blemisher) first started.

Calcent is highly radioactive. He is a good fighter, armed with a carving knife, and can teleport.

Brief Description: Tall Figure, with an athletic body style. He skin is pale and he has a chemcial effect to his face leaving it indistinct save for phosphorescent green eyes.. He carries a pouch and a carving knife.

Current Status: Confined in a cryogenic state at Ghostbusters West Coast headquarters

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