Cross Reference: GBI Case File GBWC-2003-21/014
Class VI Fear Spirit
PKE Reading: Power 4 Ectopresence 7
Released by the efforts of an unknown entity referred to as "Herr Geistimann" for reasons just as unknown, this creature lives on fear emanations, preferring the fear emanations of small children (Similar to the "Boogeyman"--See Case Files GBNY-1984-2/106, GBNY-1985-3/304, and GBNY-1990-8/126). This particular bugbear had the misfortune (from it's standpoint) of menacing Scott Aberdeen, the half-brother of GBWC's Client Administrator, Chelsea Aberdeen, and was captured by the South Team

Brief Description: Large bear-like body with a hobgoblin's head and a wide mouth. Its about 7'0'' and 400 lbs, tall bear-like figure.

Current Status: Contained in GBWC ECU

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