Agent Bloodrayne
aka "Rayne"
Cross Reference: GBI Case File No. GBWC-2004-22/002
Vampiric Undead; Clan Designation Unknown
PKE Reading: Power 6
Agent Bloodrayne is still a figure of much mystery--it appears she is some manor of vampire, though her exact nature is unknown: Dr. Stevens classifies her as a "dhampir", a sort of "half-vampire"

"Rayne", as she is also known, has been alive at least long enough to have fought the GGG (Gegengeistgruppe), a group of worshippers of the demon Beliar that started, ironically enough, as an anti-paranormal operation in the service of Hitler. She believed the group destroyed during World War II, but recently they returned, again seeking to summon Beliar. Rayne allied with the South Team to stop them once more.

Brief Description: A normal looking human, save for her pale features-- a classic sign of the undead

Current Status: Unknown

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