Nathaniel Blaque

Cross Reference: GBI Case File No. GBNY-1989-7/109
Human; Wizard of the Order of Hermes, House Tytalus
Power: 7
Nathaniel Blaque is one of the more disturbing opponents Ghostbuster New York ever faced; trained as a wizard by the Order of Hermes, by the 1970's he was dabbling in the forbidden arts the Hermetics refer to as "diabolism": demon-based magic. In specific, he founded a cult devoted to the demon Astorath, and provided a female member of that cult to allow Astorath to create a Daemonseed, a half-human/half demon hybrid.

In 1989, when that Daemonseed (Shannon Phillips) was thirteen, the entire cult (save for Blaque, but including Phillips' mother) were sacrificed and Astorath's attempted dominion over Earth was set into motion. GBNY, an Earth spirit (cf GBNY-1989-7/103), and Garou Irena Cortez (GBNY-1989-7/105) joined forces and drove Astorath from Earth. GBNY and Cortez subsequently freed Phillips from Astorath's home dimension.

Blaque was presumed responsible for the nuclear explosion that destroyed Astorath; he claimed that responsiblity when he encountered Winston Zeddemore in 2007 (GBNY-2007-25/212). Blaque's survival was confirmed earlier, by an encounter with Vincent Belmont in 2004 [Case File No. Redacted]

Brief Description: Human, male, approximately 45 in apparent age (though Hermetic longevity potions have been know to extend life span). Gaunt, with leathery skin and greasy black hair pulled into a ponytail. Often seen flashing a toothy grin.

Current Status: At large. As a human being, standard operating procedure is ineffective. Setting 5 of the Mark 4 proton pack is also ineffective due to his mystic power.

Important: All encounters with this individual are to be reported to GBNY and/or GBI headquarters IMMEDIATELY.


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