Cross Ref: GBI Case File ETGB-2002-20/001
Class VII Metaspectre
PKE Reading: Power 7, Ectopresence 13
An ancient Sumerian demigod who thrives on negative feelings, and tries to create them wherever he goes. He was the first foe ever fought by the East Tennessee Ghostbusters, and he developed a special hatred for Dr. Andrew Harness--Andy would just simply not take him seriously. He has escaped from the GBTN's ECU twice looking for revenge

The most recent attempt, in the August of 2004, led to the temporary shutdown and realignment of the GBWC.

Brief Description: Has a doll-face and wears a robe with the name " Dr. Harness" on it and has a no ghost logo branded on his thigh , aswell.

Current Status: Classified At Present

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