Cross Reference: GBI Case File No. GBNS-2004-22/203
Human/Deep One hybrid
No paranormal potential detected
Arvis was one of the roustabouts of Toad Island, considered the strongest of the Deep One/human hybrids in that community. He was a supporter of Nogad, who attempted to restart the horrific "breeding" program of their ancestors, effectively kidnapping and raping human tourists to breed more hybrids. (GBNY-1989-7/108)

Arvis later became involved in the plot of Lucindra to force GBWC Client Administrator Chelsea Aberdeen to take Lucindra's place as "Consor of Dagon." It has been suggested he lusted after both Aberdeen and her aunt, Dorothy.

Brief Description: An oversized man, extremely muscular, with some of the "classic" Toad Island features: large lips, blotchy skin, droopy eyes, and only one sprig of hair.

Current Status: Classified.

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