Anubis; aka Lord Atrocity
Cross Reference: GBI Case File No. GBWC-2004-22/100
Class VII Metaspectre
PKE Readings: Power 10 Ectopresence 19
Anubis is the Hellenic form of the Egyptian god they called Anpu. In the classic mythology, Anubis was a jackal-headed god, possibly a son of Osiris (Asar) and brother of Horus (Heru), who had dominion over the land of the dead. Some versions suggest he joined with his uncle, Set (Sutekh) in rending Osiris to pieces.

Anubis seeks to reestablish the dominion of the Egyptian pantheon--or failing that, to destroy the human world for turning its collective back on him.

Brief Description: His current avatar looks Gerald Butler in appearence; 6'0'' , 200 lbs. When transformed, Anubis's true form is a ten-foot tall man with the head of a jackal and a rich pelt, dressed in "stereotypical" Egyptian clothing (ie a pharoah's headgear, ornate loincloth, ect.)

Current Status: Unknown. The Ghostbusters West Coast stopped his incursion in 4/2004, and he was trapped in another dimension with an exploding Proton Pack.

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