Dr. William Ketchum

Ghostbusters Independant;
Ghostbusters West Coast Reservist

"Actually after many tests. Marlyn Manson is human."

Born: October 2, 1979
Height: 64
Weight: 194 pounds
Phd: Parapsychology, (Honarary Phd in Archeology)
Hobbies: Studing myths legends, Vampire history,
Skateboarding, Music. (Dr. Baugh belives he is also a mind reader)
Likes: Heavy Metal music, Video games, Women.
Dislikes: Ghosts, The EPA.
Former jobs: Semi-professinal Skateboarder,
Bassest in a band. Freelance monster hunter.


Born in New York City. Will lived there for only a year.

After his family decided to move back to Maryland.

His mother was a practicing Wiccan, his father was a carreer criminal who left Will and his mother after only 2 years.

Thanks to his mother, Will's intrest in the paranormal was started very early in his life.

Growing up a normal kid until high school were he started to dress in the "goth kid" style. While in school he got re-introduced to the paranormal by finding the body of a friend of his seemingly dead (later this same body attacked Will as a vampire). . After graduating high school Will continued studing the paranormal in college, while hiding under a shell of being a Skater.

After graduating college, with a PhD in Parapsychology, he started doing some freelance monster hunting. After a fatefull trip to New York City and an incounter with the Ghostbusters, Will decided that the life of a ghostbuster looked interesting. And in 1997 he formed The Maryland Ghostbusters.

After the Maryland Ghostbusters were shut down by lawsuits in early 2004, he formed Ghostbusters Independant. It was in this capacity he replaced Ron Daniels as the resident Mobile Agent of the Ghostbusters West Coast, a position that allows him the flexibility to continue his activities with GBIndependant.

In September 2005, Will became the first member of the GBWC to become a parent when his girlfriend, former Maryland GB Client Administrator Jess Williams, gave birth to their daughter Talena.

In November of 2007, after Williams ended her relationship with him, Will accepted a posting as a full time member of New York's Ghostbusters Nightsquad (making him the second GBWC member of that team); however, Will and Nightsquad ended their association only a few months later, at the beginning of March 2008. He has since returned to full time status as an Independant Agent, but is still listed as a GBWC Reservist.

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