Rosemary Prevost

Ghostbusters West Coast Client Administrator

"I like this job. Really, I do. Please put the slime away!"

Born: March 10, 1960; Baltimore, Maryland
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Former jobs: Hardees, Various Secretarial Jobs

In the summer of 2004, when Chelsea Aberdeen abruptly resigned her position as Client Administrator of the Ghostbusters West Coast, Rose Prevost was hired as her replacement. In that capacity, Rose was with the company during the series of events that led to it's temporary closing.

When the GBWC reactivated in January 2005, Rose reassumed her duties. Aberdeen also returned to the company, but both were retained, and split the tasks, with Prevost doing more of the actual answering of the phone while Aberdeen is more involved with the behind-the-scenes personnel and business aspects. (Janine insists that "This job is too much for one person, anyway.")

Assorted Notes: Wears contacts.

Likes to hang out on the beach and dress like a "beach bum" on her days off.

Has a boyfriend, but is real secretive about it.

Once worked with Janine Spengler during the GBNY's hiatus (1991-1997) back East--it was one of the reasons she was able to get the GBWC job.

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