Dr. Ron Daniels

United States Senator (R-Georgia); Former Ghostbusters NOMAD CEO; Former Mobile Agent for the Ghostbusters West Coast

"Whoever designed this thing was probably a Communist"

Dr. Ron Daniels was born in Georgia in 1973, and became one of the Ghostbuster International's most renowned slime specialists after joining the organization. He was CEO of his own Franchise, the Georgia Ghostbusters, before being enlisted by GBI and the United Nations to form Ghostbusters NOMAD.

NOMAD participated in several cases, most notably a secret mission in Iraq during the 2003 invasion, but after one teammate was posessed by a vampiric entity the UN cut off funding and NOMAD was shut down. Ron then accepted a teaching postion at Stanford University.

Shortly after, the Ghostbusters West Coast was forming, and GBI co-founder Peter Venkman quickly asked Ron to provide a voice of experience with the new team as a "Mobile Agent", a job which had the flexibility to allow him to continue his job at Stanford. Ron served with the team for it's first year, May 2003-April 2004, when he was fired from Stanford and, at the same time, his NOMAD teammates reunited.

However, for various reasons the revival of NOMAD under the GBI aegis ended up short lived; Ron entered politics, and was appointed to fill a vacant seat in the US Senate in 2004, by the Governor of Georgia. But in 2006, after winning an election to the seat in his own right, Senator Daniels disappeared. The full circumstances of that matter have yet to be publicly disclosed; he's legally missing and presumed deceased.

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