Dr. Robert John Griffiths

Ghostbusters West Coast Reservist

"I'm thrown in with a bunch of bloody lunatics."

Height- 6'2''
Weight-227 lbs.
D.O.B.- November 17, 1979
Birthplace- Morecambe in Lancashire.

College- Morecambe and Lancaster college left with 3 A levels in ICT, Engineering and English Media
Former job(s)- Working as an aviation specialist for BAE systems in Warton

PhD (S).- Electrical Engineering PHD

Hobbies- Working out the bugs in website, working on the equipment, and helping his team mates aswell, love excercise and sport.

Dislikes- Unproffesionalism in the line of work, Ghosts of anysort and global warming.

Biography- John was an ordinary person with a strong interrest in the paranormal. He likes working for the cause of a better world and did always did want to be a Ghostbuster. He originally wrote to the Ghostbusters UK when they formed, but was informed that they weren't hiring--Ben King Sr. suggested he contact the team being formed in LA.

In fall of 2004, Robert resigned from active duty with the team; he's still listed as a reservist, and can be called when needed. He still occassionally shows up to help with equipment maintenance

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