Dr. Nathaniel "Otter" Masterson

Ghostbusters West Coast Staff Engineer

"Do these parachute pants make me look sexy, or what?"

Born: December 3, 1928
Height: 4' 3"
Weight: 145lbs
Hair: sadly, all he has left are sideburns which he dies a faded bluish color
Eyes: blue
Former jobs: model (not for long), repair man, boeing engineer, US military scientist/tactics supervisor, and gas station clerk (night job)
Hobbies: women, sleeping, eating, girls, staying "hip", and eating cheesecake
College: Virginia TECH
Phds in what: engineering, manufacturing, financing, womanizing (an egotistic award he recieved during last year at school), and psychology masters
Likes: Women, limelight, cheese, little furry animals, his mechanical "toys", legos, working for the team, and his witty sense of humor/ego
Dislikes: green objects (dont ask), children, cats, and Paulie Shore


Nathaniel Masterson was born in the late 20's in Providence, Rhode Island. He was deprived during his childhood because of the Great Depression. His parents, a hooker and a guy named Billy-Joe, borned him and raised him until the age of 3, when he became property of the state.

He grew up in an orphanage and learned to read and write by himself. He often enjoyed going by the river side near the playground, where the orphans were allowed to roam. He ran away one day at the age of 13 to the riverside. The supervisor of the orphanage claimed he had died when officials came by so she could earn some extra dolero in "Grievance Accords".

He lived with a family of Otters that he often played with near the river side for about 2 years. The otters fed him and kept him clean. He was soon discovered a redneck family who quickly shot the parent Otters and ate them for dinner. The rednecks "adopted" the child and called him Otter because they "cudn't pernounciate 'is nam write"...

Nathaniel went to school and studied hard. He figured "the faster I go to college, the faster I'll get away from these people". And he did. At the age of 18, with only 3 years of a school education, he entered Virginia TECH out of a "minority scholarship for the deprived". Engineering had always facinated him, so thats what he planned to major in. The "Second Great War" or WWII drove him to pick up studying military tactics as a side major. College also opened his world to women, girls, babes, and strip joints. He met many friends there and learned that college is just as much party as it is a pick-pocketing industry.

After he recieved a bachelors in engineering and repair, he went to work at Boeing in 1948 as a worker on the assembly line. He would always talk with his co-workers on how the equiptment could be revised and more efficient. The supervisor overherd and soon promoted him to a manufacturing position where he helped develop the now popular RAM jet engine use for speeds between mach 6 and mach 18.

In 1954, he was promoted to military engineer, where he developed and repaired new jets and spy planes dring the Cold War. He also efficiently made a great debute with high ranking officers...and their daughters.

In 1956, Nathaniel was placed as a military tactics supervisor after he was beginning to "crack" under pressure of designing the next greatist thing. He worked in that position for 12 years, until his engineering talent was again required for competition against the Russians, this time by NASA.

His job was to, along with other teams of engineers, develop a rocket or engine powerful enough to send men into space. He tried and tried unsuccessully to convince NASA that the best solution was the RAM technology. It would be environmentally friendly, and, because it required no moving parts, cheap. But, later analysis discovered that RAM technology works best at high altitudes. These rockets needed to reach their climax at launch, a few hundred feet off the ground, not a few thousand.

Nathaniel was a wreck. His career went down the tube. He made unsuccessful porduct after another. After a few years, his designs had been reported as "wacky and futuristic" or "insanly genius".

Soon, he found himself out of a job and living on the streets of Los Angeles. A change encounter with Joey Williams and Fritz Baugh later, he was employed by the GBWC.


Dr. Masterson is always trying the latest thing and keeping hip with the other team mates. His nickname (Dr. Otter) is always used instead of his real name by the team members. He is full of emotions. When he is happy, he is sarcastic. When he is sad, he is a complaining bag of nonsense. When he is eating, he thinks of women, especially during a big helping of Cheddar Cheese. He plays a vital role to the team by inventing new and improved gadgets, or "toys" he calls them. He also monitors and stays in contact with the team and assists and navigates them through terrain, while constantly getting off topic, especially times of danger and peril.

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