Dr. Joey Williams

Ghostbusters West Coast Reservist and Chairman Emiritus

"Please...no applause"

born: March 12, 1979
Height: 6’1
Weight: 189 pounds
Phd: parapsychology
Hobbies: cartooning and comedy (performing , writing, and watching)
Likes: women, comedy, and movies
Dislikes: ghosts
Former jobs: performed at chicago’s second city for four years (trained there in the four years aswell) and performed at the famed groundlings in la for a year.


Joey Williams grew up in a very supportive atmosphere. He grew up in Chicago, Il near the famed Second City Theater, so in-suit grew up loving comedy. Comedy was introduced to him from his grandfather who past away while joey was in early grade school. This had a big impact on Joey’s personality and made him form a "protective shell" of sarcasm and humor to keep his emotions from being revealed. The death of his grandfather also gave Joey a sudden interest in the paranormal. During high school Joey received a 3.89 gpa though he hid this through playing a slacker, which he still does to fit in with society’s image.(Saved by the Bell can really mess you up). After graduating high school with dream to become a professional comedian, he set off to college (still in Chicago) as well as take classes and perform at second city for four years. After graduating college, with his interest in the paranormal coming into the open due to his PhD in Parapsychology, he nevertheless had to fall back on comedy. He got his big break when he was invited to perform on the Groundling’s main stage in LA. So he packed up his bags and performed there for a year until he went to the premiere of Dance of the Skeletons (his Groundling friend Chuck Sherwood was one of the voice actors) and a date with history.

After a year of guiding the GBWC, Joey named Fritz his replacement and resigned from active duty. He's still a GBWC Reservist, and can be called to action if needed.

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