John Lipsyte (Deceased)

Ghostbusters West Coast North Team

"Ghostbusters Forever!!!"

Born June 16, 1980; Los Angeles, CA
Died April 25, 2004; Los Angeles, CA
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown.
Race: African-American
Former jobs: Valet at an LA parking garage
Hobbies: One of the world's most passionate Ghostheads
College: Two years at UCLA
Likes: R&B music, the LA Lakers, Ghostbusters, STay-Puft Marshmallows
Dislikes: The color pink, the occasional precogntive headaches he gets.

John Lipsyte's first clear memory is waking up after a horrible dream where the cartoon character from his favorite snack, STay-Puft marshmallows, came to life and started to destroy New York city. He was only three. And it was the night before Gozer appeared on Earth and, for a few brief moments, wrecked midtown Manhattan in the form of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

John grew up absorbed by every bit of information he could find about the Ghostbusters. He became such an ardent Ghosthead he got beat up on the playground for it, but quickly won people over for his optimistic and friendly personality--it was hard for anyone to hate him for long.

But when he entered his teens, something began to happen. He began to hear voices. He could do things. He didn't tell anyone--they'd think he was crazy!

His abilites would later be classfied by Dr. Williams as those of a Latent Psychic: he lacks the focus and training to belong to one of the three main disciplines (Physical, Sensative, or Healer) but can theoretically develop powers from either of the three disciplines. Currently, his abilities include those classified as Clairvoyance (an occassional flash of possible future events), a Mind Block (virtual immunity to psychic sensative attacks and detection when active--it can even prevent him from being detected on a PKE meter. Though his clairvoyant and sensory ability is negated when this Block is active), and a broad but not totally reliable ability to sense supernatural evil and strong PK sources (such as a ley line nexus) without a meter.

He hid his special abilities, and went to UCLA for two years. He kind of drifed around between majors, unable to concentrate on any one discipline for too long, and finally quit when his parents were tired of paying for it.

He drifted from odd job to odd job for a couple of years, and in April of 2003 was working as a valet at an LA parking garage. Then the opportunity he'd waited for his whole life came around: Peter Venkman was forming an LA franchise of Ghostbusters Internation! Impressed by his abilities, and his enthusiasm and knowledge of Ghostbuster history, they inducted him into the GBWC North team.

Unfortunately, after a year of service, John Lipsyte died stopping the plan of the villainous "Lord Atrocity" His heroic sacrifice will never be forgotten by the friends who served with him

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