Dr. Kyle L Stevens

Age- 26
Height- 6'0''
Weight-225 lbs.
D.O.B.- September 10, 1977
Birthplace and HomeTown- Mt. Olive, Alabama.

College- Jefferson State College- 2 years Healthcare studies. Uni. of Wisconsin- Stevens Pt. Surgery. 5 years., and Uni. of Wisconsin- 2 years- for Folklore and Mythological studies.

Former job(s)- Chief of Staff and Chief Surgeon for Stevens Point Hospital. Medical Surgeon until Thorasic, Spinal, and Neuro Surgery.

PhD (S).- Healthcare Study for Jefferson State College. Surgery for Spinal, Thorasic, Neuro Surgery.

Hobbies- Reading, writing, working, and helping his team mates aswell.

Dislikes- Smoking, werewolves, vampires, and prank calls about hauntings.

Biography- A rather Headstrong type fellow. Who enjoys what he does. He was a surgeon with an interest of the paranormal, until the dying Jon Dennison was brought to his care. He and his friend Dr. Howard Fitzgerald managed to save Dennison, but the Ravisher murdered him anyway. Kyle was blamed and fired. But there was a silver lining: Joey Williams offered him a position with the GBWC, and Kyle became Co-Captain of the South Team with Andy Harnish.

In 2004, Kyle spent a brief time in Tennessee as a member of the GBTN; he is now co-captain of the active team.

Kyle began dating vampire Gen Brown in early 2004; that relationship ended in horrific tragedy when she was murdered by the vampire lord Master Orus in June 2006. It took some time for the full effect of this tragedy to become apparent, starting with his clean-cut appearance becoming shaggy and unkempt, leading to his abrupt resignation from the Ghostbusters West Coast in June 2007. After several months on his own, including an uneasy alliance with a notorious vampire hunter, he returned to active duty in January 2008.

PS.. He also has two cat one named Maggie, who is all sweet and cuddly. he other one is named , Mr. Whiskers,very tomcat, whose rather nice and laid back, but don't upset him, or he'll crap on everything you own.

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