Peter Kong

Ghostbusters West Coast Reservist

"Let's Go Ghostbusters!!! Sorry, couldn't resist."

DOB: June 19, 1980
Birthplace: Muncie Indiana
Weight: 138 lbs
Height: 6'1"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Hand: Right
Hobbies: collecting comics, watching cartoons, playing video games
Former Jobs: Animator for Disney for a year, Assistant cartoonist on the Garfield comic strip for 2 years
College: went to Savanah College of Art & Design. Major Sequential Art, Painting
Likes: Cartoons, movies, video games, comic books
Dislikes: prejudice, rudeness,

Bio- Born and raised in the city of Muncie Indiana, young Peter Kong became fascinated with the world of cartoons. He practiced drawing every day and was considered "gifted" by his parents. During High School, Kong was taught about ghosts and ghostbusting by his father, Jake Kong, former member the old Ghostbusters. Peter, although he liked the idea of catching ghosts, didn't think it was a career for him. After graduating, Peter Kong enrolled in the Savannah College of Art & Design and earned a degree in Sequential Art (cartooning) and was personally hired by Jim Davis to help draw the Garfield comic strip. After two years of working with Mr. Davis, Peter felt it was time to hit the big time and moved to California and applied for a job as Head Animator at the Walt Disney Studio. The first project was a feature film called Dance of the Skeletons, a film meant as a tribute to the original classic Silly Symphony short, "Skeleton Dance". However, during the premiere of the film, the Ravisher struck, and Peter Kong was reluctantly drawn into the same world his father and grandfather knew so well.

In fall of 2004, Peter resigned from active duty with the GBWC, but is still a Reserve Member

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