Jeremy Hicks

Ghostbusters West Coast

"Ahh, there's nothing like the sound of an unlicensed nuclear accelerator in the morning."

Born: january 1, 1981
Height: 5'5"-5'6"
Hair Color: brown
Eyes: Blue
Other distinguishing qualities: curly hair(refer to bill murray for hair line and cut) and black glasses.

Personality: Never serious in a serious situation and almost always has a straight face in every situation. Very smart and has radical ideas on the spur of the moment(not all good ones). Kind of a loner but there when you need him. Also has experience in carpentry, electrical contracting, and limited experience in mechanical work. Very good with his hands(not in that way). Also has a knack for stating the obvious.

Was born in Auburn, Indiana, north of Fort Wayne on Jan. 1, 1981 to Arvil and Sharon Hicks. Led very uneventful life, only thing that happened worth mentioning is move to Truth or Consequences in '96. Has been researching ghosts of the area since he had a run-in with a local spirit named La Llarona or The "Weeping Woman" in English, who told him a strange prophesy.

After high school, he traveled around the U.S. seeing the sights in my 86 Bronco II for a year. After he got back he and his father father went to work for a local electrical contractor. Every once in a while they went on independent jobs. Been happy ever since he won tickets to Dance of the Skeletons. Except maybe when one would-be Ghostbuster accidentally kicked him upside the head. And when he got posessed by Vinz Clortho. But besides that...

In 2004, Jeremy discovered he was a distant relative of GBI Cheif Financial Officer Louis Tully. And as if it couldn't get worse than that, he was also posessed by Vinz Clortho, the Keymaster of Gozer; he and English martial arts instructor Sarah Jones (Zuul the Gatekeeper) became part of Gozer's resurrection plot, which was foiled by GBI. Not long after that, the GBWC temporarity shut down, and Jeremy was a member of Ghostbusters Tennessee for a time.

Jeremy dated Sarah Jones, who was an avatar of Zuul, for a time, but the relationship didn't last. He has more recently begun an weird sort of romance with GBWC Spirit Liason Rachel Leavenworth.

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