Dr. Jennifer Thompson

Ghostbusters West Coast Reservist

"I didn't even pose for those pictures...and Otter is STILL following me around..."

(In her own words):

"I have both masters in parapsychology and psychology. I was once a lingerie model for Calvin Kline while attending Harvard to pay for my tuition. Later on in my carrier, Playboy wanted me as a centerfold for one of their issues, but I declined... But then the bastards from Playboy took some of the photos I did for Calvin Kline, and doctored them up and made me a centerfold without my knowledge or consent...

As for my skills as a Ghostbuster, I'm a hardworker that doesn't take crap from anyone.....But secretly in the end, the ladies' men tend to win me over..."

From Chelsea:
"I'm sure that Playboy spread factored into why Dr. Venkman thought she was so qualified...sigh...

She was recommended to us by him, and became a reservist in January 2005. It's actually a bit of a relief to have another woman around the place--sometimes the testosterone around here is ridiculous."

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