Dr. Jeff Nash

Ghostbusters West Coast

"My life is like some frickin' cartoon"

Jeffrey R. Nash, Ph.D


GBI Membership:
West Coast Division, 2003 - Present
Nightsquad, 2005 - Present

Born: June 27, 1974
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Hair: Long, Dark brown
Eyes: Sometimes Brown, Sometimes Solid Blue

Doctorate - Mythology and Folklore
Bachelor's - Anthropology

High School - Graduated 1992
Colleges -
University of Pittsburgh, 1993 - 1997
UCLA, 1997 - 2000

Hobbies: Collects comic books and DVDs, studies martial arts, occasionally likes to draw or sketch as a form of meditation.

Martial Arts Training:
Tae Kwon Do
Jeet Kune Do
Lin Kuei Ninjutsu

Likes: Cold weather, privacy, winning arguments.
Dislikes: Smokers, children, surprises, insects, talkative women.


Doctor Nash grew up in rural Pennsylvania. An introverted child fascinated with science fiction, fantasy, and the paranormal, his parents enrolled him in martial arts to keep him active and learn discipline. In high school, he showed an interest in Ancient History, Art, and Creative Writing. He also took Electrical Engineering to fill elective credits and scored exceptionally high in the sciences, but low in Mathematics. Indecisive about his future career path, Jeffrey took a year off before continuing his education.

In college, his interest in legends and mysteries led him to dual-major in Anthropology and Folklore, and he became romantically involved with classmate and future archaeologist Marie D'Angelo. They would date for several years, until the fall of 1997, when they accompanied their mentor, Professor Phillip Leonard, on an expedition in Scotland. They inadvertantly disturbed the tomb of a demon that fed on psychic energy, allowing it to possess the professor and ultimately render him comatose for years.

After the incident, the trauma complicated a relationship that was already strained and Jeff broke up with Marie. Seeking to further distance himself, Nash transferred cross-country to UCLA as soon as he acquired his bachelor's degrees and dropped Anthropology, choosing to focus full-time on research into religious myths and stories of the occult.

Ultimately winning his Ph.D, Dr. Nash hoped to continue a career in academia, but his steadfast belief in the existence of the supernatural and the potential reality behind the myths he had spent his life studying made it difficult to find work as a teacher or acquire research grants, and he found himself settling for part-time jobs just to make ends meet.

As they say, when destiny closes a door, it opens a window. In the Spring of 2003, Dr. Nash was working the counter at a local Los Angeles comic book store when one of his regular customers, Peter Kong, dragged him to a confrontation with the entity known as The Ravisher, and the two became founding members of the Ghostbusers: West Coast Division.

In one of his first cases, Jeff met a mysterious individual with power over the element of cold named Sub-Zero. He would later discover that he too possessed a talent for "cryomancy" and spent the latter half of 2004 in the Arctic, training as a member of Sub-Zero's ninja clan, the Lin Kuei.

In 2003, Jeff worked with Ghostbusters: Nightsquad during the Hain Witch case. During this time, he formed a friendship with Nightsquad leader Bo Holbrook, and in April 2005, accepted an invitation to join Nightsquad. Using the ninja skill of teleportation, he is able to travel between New York and LA and serve as a key member of both GBI teams.

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