Jason Knetge

Ghostbusters West Coast

"Wow!!! Real psychomagnetheric slime!!!"

Born June 7, 1983
275 lbs
Brown hair and eyes with have big mutton chops

From Jason's Application:

( My hobbies )
Oh boy let me see well I like to see documentaries ,the Sci-Fi channel , my love for cartoons is matched only by Dr. Stantz , I have two pet turtles , I enjoy playing video games mostly puzzle games and Ratchet & Clank . Helping my uncle make home made fire works and gold panning . Collecting ( toy's , comics , weapons , DVDs ), bootlegging my own DVDs . painting , lifting weights , playing jokes on my friends, needlepoint , dewing concept designs and 3D art.

( My dislikes )
Oh well I'm usually pretty mellow but the stuff that I really don't like are bugs , being woken up with out a damn good reason and that standard alien / super being speech of how weak and pathetic humans are.

(My long term goel's)
That would have to be making Ghostbuster of the month ,drive a mech , visit Mars , explore the nether realm . world domination ,get super powers , make new weapons for Ghostbusting , go back in time , see Paris Hilton lose all her money .

Personnel history a hum (scratches chin)
Let me give you a summary from the beginning .
I was born in 1983 or as some say the "Year of the Ghost" ...
Well how to describe my family . take vikings , pirates , cow boys and mix it with a don't mess with us and we won't mess with you attitude and that's basically them .
Me and my family aren't complete strangers to the paranormal . On my dad's side my aunt during her teen years grew up in a haunted room . My uncle had a out of body experience. My dad was attacked by a ghost once . Before finding bones in the cieling of our basement my brother encountered a ghost . As for my mom's side the only significant thing I can think of is that I am related by blood to an Indian chief . Well as for me I spent many a nights as a child being tormented in my sleep . I thought they were just nightmares until I was attacked in a similar way as my dad . I remembered the advice passed to me from my dad and his dad [ If you fight back it will back down and not bother you ] since then I haven't had a ghost in my dreams well at least not one tormenting me . Besides that and the teasing I got in school up to the 9th grade I had a good child hood but hey I had two loving parents to thank for that . The second encounter with a ghost didn't happen till I was 9 . It was on the queen Marry ware I saw what look like a blue person floating down a hall .

In high school me and my friends tried to start a franchise . My life savings barely covered the equipment and that's with salvaged parts . Because of our age we couldn't get a car or a proper fire house so we just set up shop at my house . Most of our jobs aired in the hills busting the ghosts of animals that died in the fires . Since no one was going to take a bunch of kids seriously we ended up taking a lot of jobs for free . Unfortunately after 3 good years we disbanded one friend moved away and my other friend Clark went of to college . He was always the tech , I was the heart and well, you know . I stuck around attending art school and going from job to job trying to pay the bills . It was all quiet until that pyramid appeared in LA . After that there been more ghost sitings in the the moutons . On won of my solo bust in the moutons I ran into one Charlie Venkman and you know the rest .

( strength & weaknesses )
Well as you all may know I cant spell to well and because of my past I sum times forget to ask for the bill . I can also be a bit eccentric in my thoughts but hey how many times has eccentric worked for the Ghosbusters ? As for strength I really don't know my own strength and I have a pretty open mind .

Well I hope I filled this thing out correctly .

Most spelling mistakes adjusted. Jason's a sweetheart, but his spelling is awful

Mrs. Spengler is also amused that Jason was born on the exact same day she was hired by Ghostbusters Inc.


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