Dr. Fritz V. Baugh

CEO of the Ghostbusters West Coast

"You rammed a troll at a Wal-Mart? Are you medicated?"

Born May 13,1971
Height: 6'
Weight: 180lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue. Wears glasses most of the time.
Credit card number Nonayerdamnbuisness
Former jobs: Most recently a cash office associate at an Indianapolis K-Mart, previously a physics researcher at Purdue University
Hobbies: Collects comic books, anime DVDs, and interesting pieces of cobalt
College: Purdue University
Phds in what: Quantum Physics. He also has a Masters in Anthropology, with an emphasis on Ancient Religious Practices. He's an accomplished mathmatician, and dabbles in computer sciences and writing.
Likes Exploring the Uncharted Bounds of Science, Cool new gadgets, Anime (especially Gundam and Digimon), Oreos, Pepsi, Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, Fussy blondes
Dislikes Prejudice, Noise, Ignorance, Most music recorded after 1989

Dr. Fritz V. Baugh was born in 1971 in Evansville, Indiana, but his family moved to Indianapolis when he was very young. A quintessential nerd, teased because he was chunky and did most of his homework, he graduated with high honors in 1989 and spent most of the next decade attaining multiple degrees in diverse fields such as physics and anthropology. The constant work and stress had the positive side effect of helping grow out of his chunkiness. If you expect he didn't have a social life, you'd be correct about that.

Fritz became fascinated by the study of time (he grew up watching Doctor Who reruns) and began to seriously study the scientific nature of it once he finally stopped accumulating degrees and became a staff researcher and junior instructor. But unfortunately, a bizzare lab accident cost him his job: he still has no memory of the exact events, but somehow the top floor of the lab building we was working on simply disappeared.

Noone else would hire him in academia or the scientific community, he wandered from odd job to odd job for the next few years, finally settling for a time in Newark, New Jersey; family problems brought him back to Indy and he ended up working in the cash office of a nearby K-Mart. His luck began to change (not neccessarily get better, but change) when, on a whim, he called the radio station giving away free tickets to the premiere of the new Disney movie, Dance of the Skeletons...he was the tenth caller!!! He won!!!

After the Ravisher's attack, he was asked to join the GBWC and did so; Chelsea Aberdeen joined him in relocating to LA, and in the grand tradition of GBI physicists and Client Administrators eventually became an "item". Joey Williams appointed him "Co-CEO" mostly to push the paperwork on him, but it seemed to work out well for the team: when Joey decided to resign from the team in the summer of 2004, he asked Fritz to take over as official CEO.

Shortly before that, Chelsea had abruptly quit, leaving a cryptic note begging him not to try and find her. When Ashram's attack left the team on hiatus, he was finally able to defy that request--with the help of Vincent Belmont, Bo Holbrook, and Jen Spengler, he tracked her to Toad Island, where she had been caught in the middle of a family curse. She was freed, and the curse lifted, but Fritz was badly hurt in the process, leading to the amputation of his left foot.

In 2005, Fritz reactivated the team with a smaller line-up; Chelsea is at his side once more, and their relationship has deepened. He even can walk again with the aid of a prosthetic. While he's now cleared for field work, and occassionally does so (the example of Garrett Miller has proven inspiring) he still mostly manages company business at GBCentral West.

On September 3, 2006, the fifth anniversary of the day they met, Fritz and Chelsea finally married. The next step came in early 2007, when Chelsea learned she was pregnant. Their first child, Abigail Pauline, was born on the morning of September 22, 2007. They proved very fertile in subsequent years: they continued a GBI tradition by having identical twin girls--Mary Victoria and Gwendolyn Christianne--on December 13, 2010, then a fourth daughter--Beverly Denise--on May 22, 2014. Fritz was then surprised to hear that the ghost of Leon Hogan's brother Nick had predicted Fritz becoming the father of four girls--back in 2003!


Usually carries the PKE meter; he's a bit of a gadget freak.

When not dressed in his Ghostbuster jumpsuit, he'll tend to dress with just an edge of formality: he'll tend to wear khaki pants and a tie in even the warmest weather.

Has taken to using the Mark 3 Proton Pistol system at times while in the field, because its lighter weight places less stress on his prosthetic. Has also been training with the N-saber with Jeff Nash and Andy Harness.

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