Chelsea Denise Aberdeen Baugh

Ghostbusters West Coast Client Administrator

"If you look at they guys I work for, you'd think anyone in the world could be a Ghostbuster"

Born October 22, 1977
Height: 5'4
Weight: Not telling
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Measurements: ...Nah..I'm not that much of a pig...
Former jobs: Human Resource manager at a KMart
College: IUPUI
Degree: Bacchelor's degree in Business Administration.
Likes: Astrology, Soap Operas, Oreos, Pepsi, Chicago (the city and the group), Mushrooms, Smart guys in glasses
Dislikes: Lame excuses, Peanut Butter, Rap

Chelsea Aberdeen was born in Chicago, Illinois; her parents divorced when she was very young. Her mother, Pauline, moved to Avon (a small town just west of Indianapolis, Indiana) with her daughter when Chelsea was about fifteen (1992)). She met Geoff Sheppard in school, and they dated seriously--until his tragic death in an auto accident in 1996, just before Senior Prom. Meanwhile, James Aberdeeen moved to Los Angeles and remarried, and in 1996 his second wife had a son, Chelsea's half-brother Scotty. Chelsea graduated in the top ten percent of the class of 1996, then attended Indiana University; she graduated with a Bacchelor's degree in Business Administration in 2000..

By 2001 she was a Human Resource Manager for the K-Mart Corporation, and was assigned to a store in Indianapolis. It was at that store that she met Dr. Fritz Baugh, who worked in that store's cash office. The two became close friends; Chelsea, in fact, had by 2003 quite fallen for the reserved scholar, but is exasperated by his residual feelings for another co-worker, Bernice Roderick, with whom he had an unsuccessful relationship with.

Still, when Fritz won the tickets to Dance of the Skeletons, it was Chelsea he asked to accompany him. When the GBWC was formed then, and Joey Williams offered her a job as the GBWC's Client Administrator, she jumped at the chance. It's even seemed to have furthered her relationship with Fritz--not being quite as thick as other Ghostbuster scientists, it didn't escape his notice that she essentially gave up her old life to join him in LA.

By New Year's 2004 they were most definitely involved; then her aunt Dorothy, Jim's older sister, told her of the Aberdeen family curse: that all men whom firstborn daughters truly love will be killed. Shocked, terrified, Chelsea abruptly resigned from the GBWC, realizing that Fritz was now in danger of dying the same way Geoff Sheppard did years before.

To spare him, and to remove the curse from the family, Chelsea reluctantly agreed to take the place of Lucindra as the "Consor of Dagon". But Fritz wasn't going to let that happen: he interceeded, and with the help of Vincent Belmont, Bo Holbrook, and Jen Spengler, Lucindra was defeated. At great cost to himself--the amputation of his left leg below the knee, which had already been devastated by the curse--he'd saved her.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, after that their relationship was stronger than ever, and they began to discuss marriage in serious terms. On September 3, 2006, the fifth anniversary of the day they met, they made it official; the next step came in early 2007, when Chelsea learned she was pregnant. Their first child, Abigail Pauline, was born on the morning of September 22, 2007. They proved very fertile in subsequent years: they continued a GBI tradition by having identical twin girls--Mary Victoria and Gwendolyn Christianne--on December 13, 2010, then a fourth daughter--Beverly Denise--on May 22, 2014. Chelsea insisted on a tubal ligation after that.

She now shares Client Administration duties with Rose Prevost; Rose handles more of the answering the phone and dealing with clients, while Chelsea does more of the paperwork and behind-the-scenes business that needs to be done

Personality: Educated and bright, and certainly no pushover. She's also methodical and organized, and polite and amiable when dealing with customers. Her bad experiences have hardened her some over the years, and is no longer quite as flattered but more annoyed by undue male attention.

Another reason Chelsea agreed to work with the GBWC is her own mild interest in some New Age mysticisms, especially Astrology and Tarot (she hung around with a neo-Hippie girl in college)

Style of Dress: Chelsea tends toward shades of purple and pink. Her professional attire tends to be semi-formal and does not wear a lot of flashy jewelry.

Fun Quirks: Chelsea is left-handed, and mildly allergic to peanuts (not that Eat Peanut Butter and You Die variety, but she breaks out with fever and gets a lot of spots)

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