Micheal Alan Chad

Ghostbusters West Coast Reservist

"Chillex, Dudes...Mister Clutch is on the scene!"

DOB: Dec 22, 1980
Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Weight: 198 lbs
Height: 5'7"
Hair: Black
Eyes: blue
Hand: Right
Hobbies: Watchin sports and other junk on the tv and playing video games
Former Jobs: Game tester for Microsoft (X-Box)short stint on a radio show as a broadcaster
College: Columbia in Toronto
Likes: Cartoons, movies, video games, sports
Dislikes: you know the basic stuff and onions lol


Mike was born in Toronto but soon moved to a small town named Fergus and grew up a normal life or so he thought, he often saw ghosts but thought it was normal and thats basicly chads childhood in a nut shell.

Chad Is a fun loving man who just likes to "chillax" as he likes to call it. He went to collage and to the surprise of everyone actually made it out with a diploma He started working at a radio station but didn't last long as the station went belly up He spent several months doing odd jobs to survive untill he found a job testing games for Microsoft but eventually got boared and by occurance of the wierd luck that seems to follow him, ended up on the GBWC.

He is one man who does well under pressure once called Mr.Clutch for how well he can work under pressure. So in the end you have a fun loving guy who just slacks off some times but pulls through in the clutch.

In the fall of 2004, Mike Chad resigned from active duty. He is still a Reserve Member who could be called on if needed.

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