Aidan Munroe

Ghostbusters West Coast

"If I decide to be a Ghostbuster, I'll probably never be rich, but I will have the coolest job on the planet!"

Born: June 6, 1985
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 200 lbs
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Jade Green. Wears silver-rim glasses and bronze-rim sunglasses.
Former jobs: A short stint at a Blockbuster Video in Florida
Hobbies: Reading, writing, model rocketry, Ghostbusters, cinematography
Education: Graduated from Rockledge High School, received AA degree from Brevard Community College one year later
Likes: Ghostbusters, video games/MMORPG's, spaceflight, pizza, anime, snow, Redheads
Dislikes: Rap, hip-hop, reality TV, ignorance, unexpected noises, slime, werewolves, peas, bad movies

Aidan was born to American father and an English mother in Utah. The older middle child of a family of six kids, he was somewhat of a loner and preferred to spend time alone. Was always happiest when left to his own devices although he clamored for attention when he wanted it.

His father worked for NASA and that had them move to Huntsville "Rocket City USA," Alabama, then to Florida.

From the time when he was little he had to passions: Ghostbusters and the space program. After getting into high school he realized that his grades and his passions were not going to lead him into the space program. It was while he was finishing his AA degree at College that the incident occurred. After that he moved around the country until ending up in LA and the office of a certain Paranormal Investigation and Elimination agency, West Coast Division...

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