Ghostbusters Central West

Ghostbusters Central West is a former warehouse (albeit a relatively small one) located on the corner of Vista Del Mar Highland and Rosecranz Avenues. It's near the ocean, has ready access to Interstate 10, and is just north of Manhattan Beach (as Andy Harnish put it, "The perfect place for a Ghostbuster franchise")

Since it's purchase by GBI in 2003, the building has been reinforced and modified to be a state of the art Ghostbusting center; the building was heavily damaged in August 2004, but by New Year's was back in operation, better than ever.

Lower Floor

The Garage area extands from the bottom floor to the roof of the second floor. Possibly the most spacious garage area in GBI, it houses two ECTO vehicles and often an employee or VIP car or two easily. At the back of the garage is an auto maintenance section, most frequently the domain of Robert Griffiths, which includes a hydraulic ramp for easy access to a car's undercarriage.

The workshop and living area of Otter Masterson is at the back of the garage. This decision was made to A. Provide relative safety for the rest of the facility from his sometimes explosive experiements and B. Create the maximum possible distance between him and the women's showers and bathroom areas.

The ECTOs leave the facility through two large doors; lining the front of the garage are a series of lockers intentionally mimicing those used in the GBNY facility. A few work benches and sockets to charge proton packs are also found here.

Counterclockwise, from the garage, at the front of the building is the office area. The Client Administrator desk is there, along with a waiting area for clients, bathrooms for customer use, the CEO's office, and the Computer Room.

As you move to the corner at the front opposite the garage is the Meeting Room; the GBWC once comprised a total of a dozen field agents and staff, so this room is equipped for volume. A set of stairs and the facility's elevator are found here also.

Moving back from the Meeting Room is the gymnasium and training area, which Jeff Nash nicknamed "The Danger Room". Some exercise machines and a small firing range are highlights of the area. Two shower/locker rooms are available for staff use.

In the back of the floor, between the gym and the garage (completing the loop around the facility) are three laboratories. One is designated for general science use, one is for equipment maintenance and storage, and the last is the occult library and "Trophy room", where several items related to previous cases are located, including some rubble from the Sanchez Diner, commemorating the GBWC's first call. Another stairway is also in this area.

In the center of the facility, again extending from the bottom floor to the ceiling, is a reinforced chamber that houses the power and utility cores, the GBWC computer server, and of course the familiar sight of the Ecto Containment Unit. The ECU is virtually identical to the one that has been in GBCentral (New York) since late 1983. Safeguard to the room include a keyed lock, and password and key protection to the power switch to the ECU; while all full-time employees have keys to the ECU room, only the Franchise CEO and GBI Executives have access keys to the ECU power switch.

Next to the ECU is the freezer unit where the dangerous entity Calcent the Eye Collector is being interred--the frozen chamber is filled with psychoreactive ectoplasm, and Jackie Wilson music is constantly piped into it.

The power/utility core is also the location of the roof hatch, allowing access to, well, the roof.

Upper Floor

The upper floor only has roughly 2/3 the floor space of the lower floor, as the garage and ECU/power core areas extend to the top of the facility. Neverthless, the upper floor does not skimp on the amenities much: a total of eighteen bedrooms line the outer walls of the floor, more than enough for what once was GBI's largest franchise staff. In addition to all active members, rooms are set aside for use by Client Administrators and one designated for the GBWC's backer and GBI co-founder Peter Venkman. Even at peak employment, that still left rooms left over for guests; Reservists on active status are also provided rooms if they require them.

In the front part of the floor is the kitchen and dining areas, designed for use by a large staff. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a couple of televisions have made their way to this part of the building. The elevator and one of the stairways are also easily accessed from this part of the building.

Going counterclockwise around the power core, toward the back of the building, is a full bathroom (complete with bathtub) and the laundry room. The laundry room also houses the upper floor's janitorial supplies. Rachel Leavenworth, the GBWC's Spriit Liason and self-appointed cleaning staff, is often found "haunting" this room.

In the back section of the floor is the Rec Room. An entertainment center complete with wide screen TV, several video game consoles, and an open area for whatever purpose is deemed appropriate (in December, for example, a Christmas Tree is set up here). The other set of stairs is found in the Rec Room as well.

Other Notes
Every room in the building includes at least one house phone linked into a central network, capable of calling all of the other phones in the network. All can access the building's public address system, and some phones, such as the Client Administration desk and all bedroom phones, are set to permit outside calls. In addition, all full-time employees are provided a cell phone that links into that network and each other (for a time, when the cell phones were implemented in January 2005, only the CEO and Client Administrator on duty had these). A few extra cell phones are kept in the CEO desk, and can be issued to Reservists on duty.
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