Filed by Dr. Kyle Stevens, Team Co-Captain
GBI Case File No. GBWC-2008-26/322

January 2008
Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline Year Twenty-Six
Dr. Kyle Stevens, a once renowned surgeon and co-captain of the Ghostbusters: West Coast team. He was a man that once had everything he'd ever dreamed of. Perhaps most of all, the light of his life--Gen Brown, a commonly known dhampir, a mortal enemy to any vampire that got in her way.

Until she was a kidnapped and killed by a vampire elder by having her heart ripped out of her chest as he watched helplessly.

He was heartbroken; he had cared for anyone that he placed under his attention. He had gone on a hiatus from the team that he needed the most. His beard and hair were grown out fully thick and coarse. He just stopped caring about how he felt about himself. He walked the dark streets having no fear of what he might have encountered whether it was a ghost, a vampire, or even a werewolf. It was almost as if he wanted to end it all.

He traveled throughout the state as he found himself mocked throughout the supernatural community. But he still pressed on. Until finally, taking leave of the vicious vampire hunter who had sought to make Kyle a protege, he chartered a train to take him back to his points of origin, the very town that he was born in, Mt. Olive, Alabama. He carried his belongings into his now retired father's house. His Dad was out of town to do some family business, but his cousin Josh was there to keep him company.

"It is a pleasure to see you again, Kyle." He said to him, with a smile that stretched across his face as he watched his cousin placed his bags down on the floor. Kyle slumped on the coach as he was very exhausted from the trip back home as he was experiencing so many restless nights.

"I would say the same to you as well, Josh, but I have been going through a very rough patch this past year or so." he stated as he noticed that Josh's smile went away.

"To tell you the truth, things haven't been much brighter for me." Josh implied, knowing that he was hiding a secret from his cousin.

Kyle listened to him as he gave out a slight sigh. "What's been happening?"

Josh cleared his head as he replied to Kyle, "Mary left me after I lost my job at the warehouse. So I have been getting by doing odd jobs for our relatives and those that I know. I have been very desperate as of late."

Kyle lowered his head in pity for his younger cousin as his words escape his lips. "I am sorry for all of your troubles. You should cherish the moments that you have here and that you not one of those who have lost their will to live. There is so much hardship throughout the world due to the mistakes we have made from not learning from history."

Josh let out a slight laugh as he went into the kitchen for a moment as the phone rang. He answered the call; there was a quick conversation from Kyle's dad giving him some instructions on a odd job that he could start on right now: Mrs. Anderson's yard just up the block from where he staying for the time being.

He put the phone done as he stepped into the living room. "Kyle, it was your Daddy. He had told me that Mrs. Anderson has an odd job for me to do over at her place as of today. So I'll be back later on." he explained. Kyle gave him a slight nod as he rested on the coach to take a quick nap.

Josh had grabbed his equipment and went to his truck. He switched the truck on as he started to back out of the driveway. He shifted the gears to drive as he started down the road and turned to the right.

While he was driving to Mrs. Anderson's house, he felt a tightening around his arms and chest. He slowed down and pulled to the side of the road. His muscles ached with pain as he thought they were elongating in length. His breath was short with sharp pains shooting through his body. His mind raced with what to do next as he felt like his head was splitting apart. His thoughts echoed, "God, please not now!"

The effects lasted a few minutes as everything was back to normal. He sat in his seat for a moment as he collected his thoughts. He placed the truck on drive and he eventually made to Mrs. Anderson's house.

Mrs. Anderson was very pleased to see Josh pulling into her driveway. His youth brought a smile on her face because he reminded her of her grandson that was killed in Iraq two years ago. She greeted him as he stepped out of the truck. "How pleasant to see you, Josh. My back deck could use some repairs."

Josh nodded his head to her as she told him that she was going to the store to buy her medicine and she would be back within the hour. She had left right after their conversation. He watched her leave as he approached the truck, got his tools, and a bag of extra clothing that he had brought with him.

He began to set everything that he needed aside as he measured the settings that he would be using on such a project like this and took notes to every angle that he would need. He grabbed a wooden plank and cut it down to the required measurement. He placed it on the formation and began to hammer the nails through the plank to keep it in place.

A few minutes later he did the same thing to another one and then another one. An hour had passed by and he was done repairing the steps; now he need to do the top of the deck. He wiped the sweat that was dripping from his forehead. He later went to the truck to get something to drink and the effects started to hinder him again.

The pain and aches that he was experience made him extremely uncomfortable. His whole body was in pain as he felt himself growing at a rapid rate His arms became elongated again as his hands and feet were becoming wider and much bigger than average person's. His fingers and toes were growing longer and more bestial. His chest expanded into a much broader look as his body was expanding wider. He lowered himself to his knees as he howled in pain. "God, Please! Don't let this happen!" he voice shouted very pitifully with his conscience mocking him of what he once used to be, a human being.

His head shifted in the most painful way as his ears became more pointed as his eyes became a golden yellowish color; His mouth now elongated and spread out as his teeth became very pointed and sharp. His body was starting to become very shaggy and furry. He glanced at his reflection though his truck's window with a last look of desperation.

He saw what he had became and he let out an unearthly growl as he slashed at the reflective glass and shattering it. He quickly took off into the woods as he was on the hunt for someone or something. The visions were fast paced and rapid. He sidestepped trees as if they weren't there. He was moving through familiar territories so he wasn't far from where he was working at. To pass the time he just sat there watching and waiting for anything to come by or get into his personal space.

An hour had passed by and he still wasn't able to change back into his human form. His hearing was in tune to the sounds of nature and the occasional vehicle passing up. However the car that was pulling up the street and into Mrs. Anderson's driveway was his cousin, Kyle.

Shit! his thoughts raced through his mind as he saw him step out of the car and was looking for him.

"Josh? Josh, are you there?" Kyle called out as he headed for the backyard. . Where did he go? He looked around for his cousin, placing the lunch on Josh's truck. He noticed that there were torn clothes shredded on the ground and the window on his driver's side was knocked out. Kyle's vision also looked at the window very carefully as he could see a tiny piece of hair hanging loosely on the glass shards that were still connected on the truck's door.

Josh's bestial side finally took over his self control and he swiftly ran through the thick brush towards his cousin as he let out a thunderous howl, claws ready for the slaughter.

Kyle barely got out of the way from the attack from this werewolf as he slipped under his own feet. He had nothing to defend himself besides a sack with food in it; he tossed the sack aside as he rolled under Josh's truck.

The werewolf circled the truck numerous times, giving Kyle some quick taunts with its claws, trying to drive him out in the open. Kyle Stevens, former Ghostbuster, knew how stupid that would be.

. The werewolf howled in anger as he looked down at the victim underneath his very own truck. The beast thought of a way to lure his prey out in the open. A wolfish grin came over its face as he started rocking the truck as Kyle realized what the werewolf was doing; he rolled underneath the truck as the beast saw him running back towards the backyard. The werewolf took after him and it caught up quickly, grabbed Kyle's legs and pulled him to the ground.

Its fangs glistened in the sunlight as the drool and saliva were dripping from its mouth as it was ready to make a short snack of his cousin. And then, suddenly, the werewolf started to revert to his human form.

Kyle's eyes were in a state of relief and shock to see the werewolf revert back into his cousin, Josh, who stood there naked before his slight. He gave him a saddened looked. "Oh, Kyle, I am so sorry!" he sobbed softy as he hide his face from his cousin.

"Josh, how and when did you become a werewolf? Why didn't you tell me? I could have helped you." He said to him, very concerned.

Josh sniffled a little bit as he stated, "I couldn't tell you. I knew that you were a Ghostbuster--you guys hunt down monsters like me . You have no idea how ashamed I am of what I am. That is why Mary left me, because she had found out that I was the werewolf that was attacking her sheep and chickens at night. I was at a little league tee ball game and I went to go get a foul ball that went into woods and when I reached for the ball some large wolf came along and bit me on my wrist."

Kyle went to his cousin to let him know that he will be alright. "Josh, from what you have told me, she left because she was scared and concerned for you."

Josh's eyes grow angry as he shouted, "No! She didn't! She left because she was afraid of becoming a victim whenever I was going to lose control. Can't you see that I am forsaken? That I cannot be forgiven for what I am!"

"That depends on how you would look at it, Josh. I think that you can still find a peace of mind if you truly looked for it. According to my studies and from learning from Dr. Jeff Nash that any self respecting werewolf would have silver on his person or with him." Kyle noted to Josh.

"You don't understand. You can't help me get rid of this curse." Josh's voice became intense as he glared at his cousin before he could hear the sounds of Mrs. Anderson's car pulling into the driveway. "Damn it!" his voice growled.

Kyle went to the front yard to confront Mrs. Anderson. "Good afternoon, Mrs. Anderson. How are you this fine day?" he asked her as she got out of the car.

She approached him with a slight hesitancy as he was giving Josh a chance to get himself dressed. "Everything is fine, Kyle. Things have been rough a very few years ago. My grandson died two years ago in Iraq." she explained to him.

He nodded his head in understanding of what she was telling him. "I'm sorry for your loss, Mrs. Anderson. Things haven't been well on my side as well. My girlfriend was murdered almost two years ago, and I have seemed to have lost my way in life. So I am trying to find myself." He said to her.

Her smile seemed to have vanished as her hand placed onto his shoulder. "Kyle, you can't let your doubts ruin your life and your decision making. You are the only one that can change the way you view your life."

She moved away from him and went back into the house. He lowered his head down for a moment. "I sure hope that she is right." he thought to himself. He headed towards the back yard to find that Josh was gone. "Perfect." he grumbled.

He rushed to the car and he sped out of the drive, heading towards his house. It didn't take him long to get there, and once he switched the car off he noticed that the front door was left open. "Josh?" he called out as he stepped inside, looking through the house. He didn't find his cousin anywhere.

He went to the downstairs basement and took note that the door was left open. The basement was empty, and his metal chains and padlock were gone as well. He went back outside. He thought to himself for a moment...He's hiding in the woods. So he went back inside to put on a heavy coat and some gloves that he could trek into the woods without getting caught by brush and vines that surrounded the woods on his property.

Kyle stepped through the thick brush as he was caught by the vines that hanged through the trees, bits of twigs and leaves was falling onto him. I bet I'll get ticks on me he thought to himself as he crawled through the brush. Once he tunneled his way through there, he saw his cousin chained to a tree. "Josh, let me helped you. I'll talk to Fritz and Jeff to see if they can find a cure for you. I'm sure they can. You are only hurting yourself in the long run." The concern in his voice was obvious.

"I cannot be helped, Kyle! You're only wasting your time and energy to find a cure for what I have! I am doomed to live out my days as a werewolf! I cannot go on like this anymore! I am tormented with the guilt that I have brought onto myself and the family name!" Josh said in despair.

For a second, Kyle wanted to find his cousin and smack him, but fought the urge. "I'll be the judge of that, Josh." Kyle quipped with determination in his eyes. "You never gave up on me, so I will not give up on you."

Josh looked back at him as he felt the change affecting him again, making him snap the chains around his wrist. "You're too late." His voice growled as his body changed into his werewolf form. His cousin tried to move away only to be slashed below his abdomen by the beast's claws.

Kyle howled in pain as he tried to crawl away from the beast on his hands and knees as his blood was staining the ground red. He felt like he was going to bleed to death. The werewolf grabbed him into the tree that he chained himself on.

Kyle's back slammed hard onto the tree as he landed hard on the ground. He was stunned as he was rolled over by the werewolf and it positioned itself on top of him; its eyes glowed red with bloodlust, its jaw lowered to tear his cousin's throat out.

Kyle regained his composure as he watched the werewolf's fangs getting closer to his neck. He reached for anything that he could fight it off him. His eyes caught a glimpse of something that was shining in the remaining sunlight before sunset. It appeared to be a silver blade as he thought it was a part of Josh's knife.

His last chance to defend himself was drawing near as he was reliving the memories of him and Josh in their youth when. His fingers wrapped around the blade as he used his last ounce of strength to stab at the werewolf's side.

The werewolf howled in pain as its last action was to bite Kyle on his shoulder. Its eyes glared with anger and rage, only to howl again as the curse had went away as it reverted back to his cousin again.

Josh slumped to the ground in exhaustion, but he was also confused and bewildered. "Kyle... you did it. Finally cured me, but I bit you. I could see it on my eyes, but I couldn't stop it. The bloodlust came over me." he sighed in a tired tone is his voice.

"I did it to prove that I wasn't going to give up on you. There is a possibility that I might inherit your curse." He weakly said to his cousin as he laid there wounded and hurt.

"Don't say that. There is always that chance that you might now inherit what I had." Josh stated to him. "What would you do if you did inherit the curse?"

Kyle answered back." That is quite simple, Josh. I would endure. You see ever since I was fired from the hospital that I faithfully served. I tried to find the answers why I served. I couldn't find the answer, but only considered it circumstance. From the way you spoke about yourself about being a werewolf, you felt that you were forsaken and doomed. Your girlfriend had left after she had left you for what you were. I am giving you back what you have lost, Josh. You see I can live with this curse, not because I want to, because I chose to. And I can take the blame for the misdeeds that you had done as a werewolf." he explained to Josh.

Josh gave him a sorrow filled look and he let out a sigh. "I hope that you are doing the right thing."

"I believe that I am, Josh." Kyle stated," I have always been judged for the decisions and choices that I have made in my life. The funny thing is that I really don't have to prove myself to anyone. Now let's get me to a hospital."

Josh gave him a nod and he dialed 911 on Kyle's cell phone, to call an ambulance

Thirty minutes later an ambulance had arrived to their house as the paramedics retrieved Kyle and sent him to the nearest hospital.

He rested at the hospital for a week as they treated and patched up his wounds at the emergency room. His cousin Josh had made phone calls to Kyle's dad to tell him what happened and he also called Mary, his former girlfriend and told her everything that happened.

Kyle was released from the hospital; as he walked towards the parking lot to see his cousin once again. Josh shook his hand. "I can't thank you enough. And I have some good news, Kyle, me and Mary are back together and I am moving back in with her in Missouri." he explained.

"That is good news, Josh."

"What about you, Kyle?" Josh asked, a bit hesitantly. "Have you..."

Kyle shook his head. "Nothing yet. Mystic curses can be tricky; but in all honesty, I think it's time to head back to California. If something does happen, that's where the people who can help me are. Besides....I still have a lot of unfinished business to settle."

Josh switched the truck on as he looked back. "I'll see you again someday soon, Kyle, good luck to you." Kyle waved him goodbye from the last time and his cousin's truck was out of his sight.

Seven hours later his cousin Josh finally made it back to Missouri as he stepped out of his truck to see Mary standing there waiting for him. They both approached each other to embrace into a hug.

Kyle was able to charter another train to go back to California. He stepped off the train as he waved for a taxi to take him back to the Ghostbusters West Coast headquarters. His figure stepped through to doorway ignoring the eyes of any others that were looking at him. He had one person to see and that was Dr. Fritz Baugh.

Kyle stepped through his office and his voice stated." I am here to rejoin the team. I have been gone for far too long..."

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