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GBI Case File No. GBWC-2007-25/304

August 2007
Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline Year Twenty-Five
The crescent moon hung in the sky as it's light illuminated the landscape of Pasadena known as Victory Park . The silence of the night with various shadows strewn across the vast areas of the park gave it a unworldly feel . A slight breeze moved the swings in the local sandbox causing the weathered chains to clink and squeak . Some slight rustling could be heard as two silhouettes were darting around in the dark shadows beneath the trees bordering the baseball field. In the park a nineteen year old girl could be heard as she ran out from the growth . As she made her way to the center of the field a second masculine figure appeared from the shadows of the trees and gave chase after her . The young girl barely managed to stay a few yards away from the young man pursuing her. When turning to glance at the man she did not see the small rock that caused her to fall . Spinning around and landing on her back, the young man lept on her and pinned her arms to the ground .

A mischievous sneer formed on his face, " So Heather, it looks like I caught you! Now what you going to do? "

Heather looked up at him, he was a trim athletic man sporting a football jacket . Before giggling she smiled revealing a row of perfect teeth. " Well I guess the only thing I can do Jack" with that she sat up and kissed him .

Still locked in the kiss Jack rolled over on to the ground causing Heather and himself to switch places .

A slight rustling of the bushes caught Heather's attention causing their lips break apart . " What was that? "

Jack rolled his eyes, "It was probably ..."

Heather quickly turned back to him " Don't you dare say the wind you know what happens on TV whenever someone says it was just the wind "

Jack chuckled a bit " I was going to say it's probably just a squirrel"

She gave him a smug look but one that still had a slight hint of concern " But what if its not? What if it's something else? " Her face at this point had a definite look of concern " Or worse it could be some drugged out sicko or vagrant"

Jack gently caressed Heather and said with a calm refreshing voice, " Don't worry babe, you've got the coolest guy in school to protect you. After all, I am the QB "

A reassured Heather leaned back down and and the two picked up from were they left off .

With the distraction of their frantic caressing and passion they just ignored the sounds as another form slowly crept from the shadows .

A abrupt snapping of a stick made Jack inquire with his one open eye . What he saw made him jump to his feet pushing Heather off of him; she rolled to the side, allowing her a glimpse of the horrid beast before them.

From a distance it could be mistaken for a dog but it's lack of skin revealed bare muscle and bone . Large spikes ran the length of its spine to its oddly formed head. Four round black eyes like a spiders sat atop a mouth that was closer to a shark's .

For the moment Heather was speechless .She wanted to run screaming but all she could do was turn to Jack .

The demon let out a small growl that sounded like the word . . . flesh .

Jack stood there staring in the four lifeless eyes of the demon as a large yellow stain spread over his pants . Turning to look at Heather Jack choked out. " I'm ...sorry... " then turning back around, Jack sprinted down the field faster then he ever could manage in a game .

Panic started to set in for Heather as she saw her one shred of hope run away. The sounds of growling brought her gaze back to the demon as it was preparing to pounce .

Too much was going on to think straight and just run, but instead Heather kicked her legs and clumsily crawled backwards. " This is not happening, this is not happening, oh dear god I'm going to die! "

Heather let out a loud scream as the demon leapt towards her " EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE "

Things seemed to go in slow motion. The demon's mouth opened wide preparing it's rows of sharp teeth to sink into soft flesh . Heather put her arms up in a vain attempt to stop her fate .

Just a foot a way from biting her face, an orange beam struck the demon . Things moved normally now as the blast caused the demon to form a long crater as it hit the ground. .

Heather stared at the creature. As the beam hit a second time she heard its ferocious growls turn into high pitched screams . It's unholy sounds were silenced with a white flash. Heather looked a bit confused because now were the demon once was, a clear rectangular box with a glowing orb in the center was in it's place .

She was startled when the box levitated up and slowly moved in the direction of where the beam originated . The box came to rest in a red gloved hand. Heather's mouth hung open as she gazed at her savior . Hovering two feet above the ground was a man dressed in white spandex, a red cape and matching gloves . A cartoon ghost surrounded with an orange circle with a line though it was prominently displayed on his chest . " Madam, you have experienced a traumatic event. I suggest you contact a trauma support center " He zoomed off into the night sky as Heather was left staring up trying to grasp all that just happened.

Ghostbusters West Coast HQ
The Next Morning
Aidan and Jeremy were leaning over Otter's shoulder as he was working. " Otter you sure you can fix it in time ?"

Aidan nodded his head in agreement " It's one of the most essential pieces of equipment here. "

Otter quickly swiveled around on is stool to yell " If this is so damned important, then you should stop breaking it every time you fight overt it " Otter's face now had a slight cherry tint to it . " Now take your stupid TV remote and get out! I have real work to do! " .

After the door to the lab slammed shut the two men just shrugged before racing upstairs . Meanwhile Fritz and Andy were in the ECU room examining the equipment .

" I don't know Fritz, everything seems normal. . Are you sure that Rachel didn't just have some weird ghost dream "

Fritz pressed a few buttons on the adjacent monitoring consoles as he consulted his PKE meter " Well that seems doubtful since ghosts don't dream . Humm... fascinating "

" Aw, crap ... It's never a good thing when the tall guy with the PKE meter says fascinating " said Andy as he rolled ins head .

Fritz stopped and looked at Andy for just a moment before continuing " Well nothing that would warrant a Twinkie measurement. But still we are showing some increase in the number of ghosts in the ECU "

" So what? It's not like they're decreasing and they're escaping " said Andy as he rested his hands on is head.

" Yes, well that would be bad too. But this is also something to be concerned with" Fritz jotted down a few notes " As you know it's not uncommon to have the numbers of ghost to fluctuate in the ECU ."

" Right "

"Well, with the readings that I'm getting the numbers are showing a steady increase . Not on a huge level but enough to warrant attention."

" So ?" inquired Andy

" So, if this continues and we don't figure out how its happening, then we may have some big problems. "

" Well maybe me should ask Rachel again what she heard last night "

Fritz nodded his head in agreement as he and Andy headed out of the room. The two men walked through the office past Rose Prevost who was getting a cup of coffee for herself and Chelsea Aberdeen Baugh. As she brought over the coffee, Chelsea held up a baby catalog and pointed to the contents inside .

" Hay Rose, look here they sell little customized onesies "

'Oh yes that would be so cute with the little orange stripes and a name patch that says Baugh on it! " replied Rose

Chelsea practically melted from the thought " You know what? Your right, I'm going to order it! "

Rose made her way to her desk "But I thought Fritz put his foot down and said that you can't get any more stuff? "

" Oh no, all he said was that he wasn't going to go out shopping any more . He never said anything about catalogs . He probably thought I couldn't do much damage with a book ! "

" Well I guess that man still has a lot to learn about being married " said Rose before both women broke into laughter .

Upstairs Fritz and Andy stopped Jeff as he was heading to bed " Hey Creepy have you seen Rachel ?"

Jeff blinked a couple of times as he focused his sleep fogged mind " Who? ...oh yea I saw her in the kitchen with Mick."

" Thanks man " said Andy

Jeff let out a yawn of acknowledgment as he entered his room.

In the kitchen Rachel was stacking dishes as Mick was pulling out some milk for his bowl of Fruit Loops. He casually sniffed the contents before shrugging and pouring his breakfast . Rachel finally put the last dishes away and began taking off her rubber gloves, something she had learned to use as to not get slime on some things .

" Finally all the dishes are done. "

" Well not all of them, " Mick smiled as best he could with a mouth full of Fruit Loops"

"Nope. I'm not doing another dish till tomorrow . Your just going to have to put it in the sink. There's too much to do around here and I don't need a little cereal encrusted bowl setting me back"

Mick just casually nodded his head in agreement as Fritz and Andy came into the kitchen .

Fritz took the time to clean his glasses before saying " Rachel we need you to tell us again what happened last night "

" Oh well... you see I don't really know exactly "

Andy went over the fridge to pull out something to drink " Well then just tell us what you do know "

" OK. I was upstairs last night cleaning when I thought I heard that ECU turn on , you know, that awful flushing sound ."

" What do you mean awful ." Quipped Andy " I consider it the melodic sign of a job well done and money in the bank "

" You're not a ghost . To us that sound sends shivers up our spines "

Andy smiled and was about to say something but Fritz cut him off . " OK you two . Can we just focus? "

Mick chuckled at the scene shaking his head as he exited the kitchen .

"OK what happened next? " ask Fritz.

" Oh right . Well so like I said I thought I heard the ECU go on . I was going to let it go just thinking it was my mind playing trick on me but then I heard it again only different "

Andy now looked as serious as Fritz. " Different ?"

" Yea it was like that flushing sound was going on and off very quickly . "

Fritz and Andy both exchanged a look .

" Well after that I know I wasn't just hearing something. I rushed to see what it was causing it but by the time I got the to the garage there was nothing . "

" Nothing ? " Inquired Fritz

" Nothing except a few papers that looked like they were kicked up by the wind ."

' Well I guess that's a start" said Andy

" Is there any thing else that you can tell us? " added Fritz

Back out in the hallway Mick made his way to the rec room to enjoy some TV as he ate his breakfast . He saw Aidan and Jeremy sitting on the couch . " Hey whatcha watching? "

"Yu-Gi-Oh " Stated Jeremy with a groan

Mick almost coughed up his breakfast " Why in the hell are you guys watching that crap? '"

" We're not . It's just that this happens to come on before the show we want to see comes on " said Aidan

Mick moved to get a better view of the TV " So what's coming on? "

Jeremy turned up the volume on the TV ." They're going to show a two hour conclusion to Worm Hole Pegasus. "

" I thought that went off the air ? ". Said Mick with a puzzled look.

" Your thinking of Worm Hole Extreme '' . Replied Aidan. " And you right it did go off for a wile but they brought it back. "

Jeremy hushed the two men " Hay you guy's it's starting. "

The announcer's voice came on . " Last time on Worm Hole Pegasus. . . ". A clip from from the prior episode came on . " You don't understand--if we use the city's shields to divert the blast we may damage the DEZ AM . Also, there is no guarantee that this will..."

The station's logo came on the screen , " We interrupt the program for some breaking news .''. . A camera shot from a helicopter of a truck speeding along the highway with half a dozen cop cars behind it was now on the TV .

All three men groaned in unison just before Mick said . " Hey, wasn't there a car chase on the news last month? "

Jeremy shrugged his shoulders. " This is LA . There's a chase on the news here almost once a month, it's almost like clock work. "

"At least we're not in this one." Mick snorted. "It took forever to get out that London Sedgewick smell..."

Two of the reporters were talking back and forth. " That's right Julie the suspects are fleeing from the seen of a daring bank robbery . Witnesses claimed that the men's behavior was odd and that we think that they may be under the influence . "

The three men watched the scene as one of the police cruisers closed in on the fleeing truck intending to ram it . " I believe the police are attempting to ram the suspects car " Said the voice of Julie .

As the cruisers approached, a large green flame shot out of the back window of the truck, forcing the cops to fall back .

Aidan and Jeremy jumped in their seats as Mick spit out his food .

The voice of Julie said, " Oh my goodness it looks like they have some sort of flame thrower with them ! "

" Hey! Everyone get your butts up here!!! " yelled Mick

" What the hell was that? " said Aidan

Jeremy stared at the screen " Haven't we seen something like that before ? "

" Yeah. It's a magic fire ball, " replied Mick " I saw Belmont use one just like it to stop a troll "

Fritz , Andy and Rachel were the first there .

" What's the problem? Fritters forget to pay the cable bill again? " Andy then glanced at the TV . " You mean I came up here for a stupid car chase? "

Jeremy pointed to the screen, " Just look "

More green fire balls shot out of the truck as did some lightening . Several cop cars crashed into each other trying to avoid the onslaught .

" Oh my, never have I see a chase like this . The police seem to be completely overwhelmed by the retaliation of the suspects ," said the voice of Julie the newscaster . " This seems like more suited for the Ghostbusters . In fact I'm getting word now that the DA has put in ..."

The teams attention was diverted as Rose came in. " Guys you'll never guess who called us for a job "

Aidan looked up as if pondering a big question, " LAPD? "

" How did you know that ? " Asked Chelsea who was slowly making her way to the group .

Jeremy pointed at the TV , " It's all over the news "

Fritz stiffened " OK Andy--you, Jeremy , Aidan and Mick get down there ASAP. Get this under control before it gets further out of hand. "

The four men nodded their heads in agreement but before they could move the voice of the announcer shouted " WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ? "

The skycam pivoted around trying to spot something in the sky . A red blur zoomed down toward the chase .

" Is it a bird? " Asked Rachel

" No it's too big to be a bird " replied Jeremy

Aidan felt he had to say it " Is it a plane? "

" No it's too small to be a plane " added Andy .

" It's moving fucking fast is what it is! " Yelled Mick

The object slowed down matching the speed of the truck, it's form now defined as a man in a red cape and gloves .

On the 210 freeway in the truck the black haired man turned to his blond haired friend " Hey Mad Dog, I think that blue Mojo crap the guy sold us is some strong shit . I'm now seeing some guy flying at us "

Mad Dog turned to look " Oh shit I see it too . Bubba blow that ass wipe out of the sky ! "

A bolt of lightning shot out striking the caped man in the center of the no ghost symbol on his chest . The blast caused the man to careen to the side, causing him to obliterate a long section of the wall of the freeway .

Bubba hi-fived Mad Dog in triumph " I think that sure knocked the fucker's ass for a loop! "

" You said it Bubba ! Nothing can stop us, not the cops, not flying freaks, not nothing . It's smooth sailing from here on out "

After pushing some brick off of himself , a green aura glowed around the caped man before he shot off into the air, still in hot pursuit of the truck.
After glancing in his rearview mirror Mad Dog turned to look " Damn it looks like are flying friend here hasn't had enough . Make sure he's down for good . "

Bubba laughed a little as he brought both of his hands together building up a charge . The massive bolt that was shot out deflected off the caped man .

Several more attempts were made before Bubba said " Shit nothin's working, it's not even slowing him down !!! Dude punch it !!! "

The caped man zoomed past the speeding truck to get in front of it . He landed several yards ahead with a loud thud causing some cracks to form in the pavement . The caped man stood in the path of the truck, the green aura surrounding him again .

Mad Dog tried to apply the brakes but it was too late as the impact caused the truck to flip back over front . The windshield glass fell like rain as the truck spun several times in the air before landing upside down , The front of the truck looked like torn tin foil with a huge V shaped wedge in it. Bubba and Mad Dog crawled out and staggered to their feet .

" You son of a bitch I'll fucking kill you " Mad Dog's fists ignited in green fire as he took a swing at the caped man . Ducking and weaving out of the way of the fiery fists the caped man laid an upper cut to Mad Dog's face followed by a sharp kick to the ribs . Mad Dog was knocked out when his head hit the truck hard .

Seeing his friend taken down so easily and the fleet of cop cars getting closer, Bubba tried to make a dash for freedom .

Glowing green once more and extending his hand the caped man shot out a glowing web . Bubba only made it thirty feet before he fell to the ground, his legs bound by the web . A hard yank brought Bubba back over to the truck were two more webs shot out . One sticking him to the truck and the other to the unconscious Mad Dog.

" Stick around you two " Said the caped man as he dusted his hands .

One cruiser seamed to get there a lot faster then the others . A man in a long trenchcoat stepped out and approached . "I'm detective Leonard Stone, Division 6 . Thanks for the assistance . Me and my associates can take it from here " . Detective Stone made his way over to the two fugitives .

"No offense detective, but I don't think that you or your associates can ... " He stopped what he was saying as the detective pull a wand from his coat.

The rest of the cruisers pulled up, followed by news vans and a small army of paparazzi .

Back at the Ghostbusters West Coast the team stared at the TV screen as several reporters asked questions of the caped man .

" Who are you? "

"Were did you come from? "

The caped man struck a heroic pose and in a deep voice said, " Wherever villainous ne'r do wells or pestorous apparitions are tormenting the innocent, Superbuster will be there !! " With out saying another word, Superbuster flew off out of view of the camera leaving a stunned audience.

"Is 'pestorous' even a word?" Andy asked, the only sound in the otherwise dumbfounded room.

To Be Continued
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