Filed by Dr. Kyle Stevens, South Team Co-Captain
GBI Case File No. GBWC-2004-22/004

" Look, ma, no fins". Andy joked, as the gigantic Jenny Haniver slowly approached them.

" Bloody mess, mates, looks like we're screwed for good" Robert said.

The Jenny Haniver's maw was attempting to swallow them whole. The teams managed to suit up and dive off the boat after they saw it being swallowed by this enormous creature.

" Shit !" exclaimed Andy, " That was close."

" I must say that I have never seen this event happen before, gentlemen." Kyle muttered under his breath, " Jenny Hanivers are not supposed to do that."

Jeff turned his head with a annoyed expression on his face, stating, " That's because someone else is changing the rules of the event. And yeah, here we are stuck under the sea, ready to be this thing's dinner. I hope we're all happy."

The Jenny Haniver's body turned towards their direction with its maw open again.

Jeremy managed to see it coming towards them; he switched his thrower on and fired a steady shot at the monster. The beams formed a barrier on its body, but it still kept coming for them.

They managed to make a desperate swim for land, however, the monster's massive body blocked their path.

" Let's all try to blast this thing." Andy ordered. So everyone that all present formed side-by-side of each other. Their proton guns were switched on at the same time, thus releasing their beams at the creature.

The Jenny Haniver released a massive moan, which sent them soaring 40 yards across the water.

" Look on the bright side, guys, we could use this thing as a new mascot for USC." Joey deadpanned.

" Umm...Joey, this things could swallow USC with its maw." Peter mentioned.

" Something that I have noticed, guys." Fritz told them, "This thing tends to feed on fear. Maybe there's a way to reverse the event on it."

" That is a possibility, Fritz, since these things are fear dwellers, however, this things isn't giving us much option to do anything to stop it at all." Kyle explained.

The creature swooped towards them, hitting Kyle with the side of its mouth. The effect damaged his swimming suit.

Not good. he thought to himself., My suit is damaged and I'm losing pressure.

" Mates, Kyle's suit is damaged. He might be losing pressure." Robert warned.

" Kyle, are you okay ?" Andy asked.

The team noticed that the Jenny Haniver turned away from them and was heading towards the inland.

" Oh, dammit !" Andy exclaimed, " The damn thing is heading inland."

You know what you have to do, Dr. Stevens. Right? Kyle thought to himself.

" Gentlemen." he spoke up, " Head inland and give me all your suits. I have a plan that could get rid of this thing once and for all."

" Care to explain, Dr. Stevens." Jeff deadpanned.

" The suits have a self-destruct device built inside of them in case if anything like this tends to happen. Since I built them I will be the one to do what must be done.'' he explained to them.

Meanwhile near the inlands of California, the gigantic 60ft Jenny Haniver was wreaking havoc of the boating docks in the harbors. The people managed to escape the clutches of the massive monster that was terrorizing the waters.

" You sure that you want to do this, Dr. Stevens ?" Joey asked him, with concern.

" Yes, Joey, I have to do this." he said to him, " If this doesn't go well, then do whatever you have to do to stop it. If I perish during this bust then I haven't died in vain, but anyways, it was nice working with such a great group of people as you."

He connected the all the suits together and switch the suit to self-destruct for ten minutes. After that the suits--and Kyle Stevens along with them--were tossed into the sea.

He waited for the giant Jenny Haniver to come for him. The creature sensed that something tasty was in the water. So it decided to follow its sense of smell; it took its own time to swallow to self-destructing suits. Then it noticed Dr. Kyle Stevens swimming away from the it.

Three minutes. Kyle thought to himself. The Haniver slowly drifted towards him. It had its maw opened and was ready to swallow Kyle at any moment.

I hope this trick works. he thought, I can't stay down here forever.

Meanwhile on the shores, the rest of the group waited for Dr. Stevens's plan to execute.

" Kyle shouldn't test his bravery like this at all. It is total recklessness." Fritz complained.

" Let's face it , Fritz, he wanted to do this stunt. I'll bet on money that he'll be able to survive the attempt." Joey boasted.

" We'll have to see about that, Joey. Just have to sit and wait for it to approach the shores." Jeremy stated.

Back into the water. Dr. Stevens was growing tired, the Jenny Haniver in hot pursuit. The final time was rapidly approaching. All he could do was swim faster and hope for the best.

The Haniver raised his head out of the water and thrust its mouth at Kyle, trying to swallow him. He barely avoided it.

The time was up. A massive blast echoed across to the ocean and on land. The impact was strong enough to knock the team off their feet, as well as shattering windows on the nearest apartment complex.

Once, it event was over. There was no sign of Dr. Kyle Stevens. They looked from a distance, blood swirling in the water.

Andy gnashed his teeth," He can't die like this."

" Well, he did say that he had to do what he had to do, Andy. We can't question his bravery, or his heart." John told him. A strange feeling came over him as he did, but didn't really take the time to think about it.

"Look!!!" Peter Kong shouted, pointing to the water. "I guess Garfield isn't the only one with nine lives!!!"

Kyle Stevens, a little bit battered and worse for the wear, rose out of the ocean. " Don't count me out yet, Gentlemen."

Chad glanced at his PKE meter and didn't get anymore supernatural readings from it. "I'm not gettin' any more readings...Doc must have got it..."

"I concur." Fritz said, glancing at his own meter. "PKE levels are back to normal ranges."

" Good job, guys." Joey said. "Now this is CEO's orders, Stevens, don't scare the crap out of us like that again any time soon."

Kyle smiled wryly, and John and Robert helped him to the awaiting ECTOs.

"So what you think, Dawg? We can open a sea food restaurant now?" Chad joked.

Andy knocked him back into the water.

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