Filed by Dr. Kyle Stevens, South Team Co-Captain
GBI Case File No. GBWC-2004-22/004

Staples Center. Monday Night RAW....7:25 pm.
The WWE superstars arrived inside the stadium. They were reading their lines before they were ready to perform.

Lita, Trish, and Victoria went into their dressing rooms to put on their wrestling gear. However, outside the stadium, a black limo pulled up and out stepped Shane McMahon and the band, A Perfect Circle.

" Thank you for performing with us." Shane told them.

Maynard told him, " Sure thing, as long as the crowd will enjoy it."

They all walked into the door, however, the guards were scared off by these strange little creatures.

GB Central West....
The Ghostbusters were sitting around the living room ready to watch wrestling.

" No offense, guys, but I don't like watching wrestling." Fritz Baugh said, heading back to his laboratory.

" I happen to like wrestling. It kept me company for awhile when I was in college." Kyle said, with great interest.

"Don't take any of it personally--you know how he is." Jeff shook his head. " Who's your favorite wrestlers ?"

" My favorites are Stone Cold, the Undertaker, the Hurricane, Lita, Trish Stratus, Victoria, Goldberg, Brock Lesner, Chris Benoit, Sting, and a few more others." Kyle replied.

They watched Eric Bischoff provoke Vince McMahon.

" Man, how often does he provoke Mr. McMahon and get his butt kicked ?" asked Micheal Chad.

" Well, look at it this way, Chad, Eric Bischoff is not a people person. He did manage the payment for the superstars at W.C.W.; while he basically ruined them money wise, it was Vince Russo that really killed W.C.W. with his smash-mouth attitude." Ron Daniels explained.

" I personally think that Eric Bischoff is doing a good job." Kyle said, " Another wrestler that I liked was called the Masked Dragon"

"Who?" Chad asked.

"He really hadn't been there long before he was fired by Vince McMahon--he was rumored to have tried to sell him and his company out. Some people believe that he either committed suicide or died without warning."

"Yeah, right." Jeff shook his head. "I may love this stuff, but it is so fake..."

Staples Center.......Mr. McMahon's Office......
Mr. McMahon was sitting in his office until his heard a voice yell, " Vincent K. McMahon !!"

He turned around to see who was calling his name and he saw who it was.

" It's you !!!" he shouted, in fright.

" That's right, Vince, it's me, the Masked Dragon." he said, " You fired me for no apparent reason. It was my partner, Jerry Markings--the Dark Clown--that spread those rumors as a joke. But you went ahead, firing me, and gave him the title shot."

Vince reached for his coffee mug to take a sip before he explain himself and his actions, however, he glanced at his mug--he saw blood instead of coffee and he threw the mug down. The mug shattered on the ground as he saw coffee staining the floor.

" Masked Dragon, what's done is done. You and I know that you can't change whatever has happened in the past!!! I'm truly sorry for the mistakes I have made!!!" Vince told him.

" That's not good enough, Vince !!!" he shouted, as Stephanie McMahon walked into the room. She screamed at the thought that her father was being held prisoner.

" Begone little girl !!" the Masked Dragon yelled,as his powers sent Stephanie out of the office and into the hallway.

Meanwhile, on stage the band, A Perfect Circle was getting ready to perform one of their smash hit songs, " The Outsider".

The band began to start the song, tuning in their opening parts, the crowd cheered before Maynard started to sing the lyrics.

However, everything as cut short as the wires were chewed out by these little creatures and a vision of Vince McMahon physically dragged by the spirit of the Masked Dragon.

The little creatures surrounded the entrance stage and the backstage.

So Stephanie McMahon decided to make a call to GBWC.

GB Central West.....
The phones were ringing and Chelsea Aberdeen answered it. A few minutes later she went to the loafing Ghostbusters.

" Hey, guys, that was Stephanie McMahon, of the W.W.F..."

"Yeah, right. Fritz put you up to that, didn't he?" Chad laughed. "And it's W.W. E. now, not F..."

She shot them her rather convincing No I Am Not Kidding Look "She said somethings happening at the Staples Center and they want us to come down and eliminate the problem !" she yelled from downstairs.

" Okay. Thank you, Chelsea, Let's roll." Joey said as he popped off the couch and ran downstairs and same for everyone else.

They rushed to get their flightsuits and equipment into their vehicles. They all loaded into them and slowly back out of the driveway.

" I know how to get there." Jeff said, as he watched Peter Kong playing Mario World on his Gameboy Advanced.

" Come on, Bowser, let me win against you." he said,very frustrated.

However, a few minutes later his Gameboy Advance died on him. Peter's eyes widen with shock and disbelief from what just happened.

" Dang dittly crap ! My Gameboy died on me." he said, with disappointment until they arrived at Staples Center.

The Ghostbusters stepped out of the car, strapping on their equipment as they saw this attractive brunette slowly approaching them.

" How many are inside ?" Robert asked her.

" There's several of those little creatures and one ghost there."she replied to Robert's question.

Jeff glanced at his PKE meter and said,"Judging by the description and the readings, I'd say it's more Monherians..."

"Aw, crap. Again? We must be listed as a Prime Vacation Spot on Monherian.com or something..." Andy deadpanned.

" We'll take the Monherians and Joey's team can take on the ghost." Jeff suggested.

The Southern team went ahead and entered the backstage arena and the Northern team went towards the front arena.

At the backstage area, the Southern team saw a few of the wrestlers run out of the dressing rooms. Andy,Chad, and Peter slowly approached the men's dressing room.

Andy slowly opened the door, and had a TV thrown at him by one of the Monherians. That wasn't wise--it pissed Andy off.

So he slung open the door, firing at one of the Monherians, with Chad and Peter doing the same thing. Chad switched his pack off, grabbed the trap and slid it underneath the Monherians.

He press the foot panel and the trap slowly opened, sucking them into its vortex.

" Good job, guys." Andy complemented them after he switched his pack off.

Meanwhile in the main hall, Jeff and Kyle were searching for the other two Monherians that were still roaming around backstage.

" They're in the women's dressing room." Jeff said, as his PKE meter was going crazy.

They slowly approached the door, hearing only small laughter and things being thrown around.

Kyle and Jeff carefully opened the door and they saw three females being attacked by the Monherians.

They had seen enough and the door popped open as the Monherians stopped what they were doing, focusing on Kyle and Jeff.

" Fun's over, boys." Kyle said to them as they both delivered the blasts to the Monherians.

Jeff grabbed his trap and slide it underneath them. The trap slowly opened and sucked the two Monherians in.

" Good work, Jeff." Kyle said to him, but he wasn't listening because he was focusing on Lita.

So he approached Victoria to check her status. She was slightly trembling and her hand was wounded.

" Let me take care of this for you, Ma'am." Kyle told her, while applying some pre-wrap and wrapping tape.

" It doesn't like serious but I don't think that you should perform tonight because you might feel sick or flu-like symptoms. The wound should heal swiftly since there is no damage or need to have stitches." he explained to her.

" Sounds fine." Victoria told him as she sat down in one of the chairs.

" Are you okay, Lita ?" Jeff asked her.

She glanced up at him and replied," I'm fine but I think that Trish might have sprained her ankle."

So Kyle observed Trish for a moment.

" Okay, I'm going to ask you some questions, Trish, and I would like for you tell all that you have obtained from this incident." he explained to her.

" Tell me when did you hear the pop ? How and when did it happened ? And for the scale of 1-10, 1 meaning the least amount of pain and 10 meaning the worst amount of pain ?" he asked her.

Trish answered, " When I got attacked, but I didn't hear a popping sound. And the pain scare is about a 6."

So Kyle to go get a back of ice and some elastic wrap. He was done treating the injured wrestlers and the team went to the find the entrance stage.

Meanwhile, at the entrance stage, the North team managed to caught the Monherians that were terrorizing the band, A Perfect Circle, witnessing that Vince McMahon was in trouble.

" Looks like a class-3." Fritz said looking into his PKE Meter, just as he saw the South team walking into the entrance stage.

" Glad you guys made it." Joey said, with a grin on his face.

" Well, let's get this over with." Jeremy said , as the team walking towards the ring and the Masked Dragon saw them.

" What is this, Vince, some crap that you pulled up to scare me?" the Masked Dragon laughed.

" Team, let's show this spook how we do things in LA." Joey said, as they shot the ghostly wrestler.

The streams stunned it to the point that it couldn't move, which enabled Jeff to pull the extra trap from his back and slide it underneath him. He stomped the foot panel as the trap came open and sucked this ghostly wrestler into its vortex as the crowd cheered with excitement.

The wrestlers came out from the back and applauded them, including Vince McMahon, who was signaling for a microphone.

" Attention, ladies and gentlemen, We at the W.W.E. would like to personally congratulate these brave young men for their services for this great state and I think we should all give them a round of applause for their deeds." he announced, after the sat the microphone down.

He walked up to Dr. Williams and said," You'll get your payment in the mail, but in the meantime, please enjoy the show and I'll give your team something they'll enjoy."

The Ghostbusters sat through the show, enjoying every minute of it. After the show was over, they were about leave the stadium until Mr. McMahon's limo pulled up and stopped beside them.

" Here's a token of our thanks for your service." he told them, " Their replica title belts that have your names engraved on them." he told them.

So they loaded the replica belts into their vehicles and drove off.

Long Beach, CA.....11:00 pm......
There were some overnight fishermen based in the waters. They couldn't catch any fish tonight even though they thought something was wrong....no fishing biting ? On a West coast shore ? In deep water ?

Something they didn't realize that there was something stalking the waters in Long Beach was it a shark ? A whale, perhaps ? Perhaps another group of fishermen have staked their claim for the day, somehow that appeared to be unsportsmanlike and unpleasant to do so.

What they didn't know is that there was a form of medieval creation called the Jenny Haniver roaming the ocean in pursuit of food. They didn't like the sight or the sound of fishing boats in their territory.

So the creature attacked the fishing boat, tearing the bottom out of the boat with its sharp teeth. The two fishermen jumped from the boat and swam to shore as the Jenny Haniver followed them to the shorelines.

" Jim, what in the world was that ?" Karl asked him.

" Not sure, Karl." Jim relied, " I think we should get the Ghostbusters into this."

GB Central West.....8 am.....
Everyone was still resting into their bedrooms until the phones started to ring.

Chelsea had managed to arrive early, and was able to answer the phone.

" Hello, Ghostbusters: West Coast, like totally ready to believe you." she yawned.

The people on the phone told her what happened and about their experience with a Jenny Haniver.

She wrote their addresses down but there were more calls coming in with fishermen seeing Jenny Hanivers swimming across the waters.

Chelsea set the alarm off that woke everyone up and they staggered downstairs to hear what was going on.

" Okay, everyone, we've had five calls about fishermen seeing Jenny Hanivers in Long Beach. Does anyone know about these things ? Jeff ? Kyle ? Fritz ? Anyone ?" Joey asked .

"Sounds like someone you could've dated in college..." John said brightly.

" Jenny Hanivers are man-made creatures that were thought of being monsters of the deep, which could have been a possible string-ray or skate. They are also foretold in mermaid mythology, but their origins are unknown and possibly seen back during the Medieval periods between the 1300-1600's." Kyle explained.

" Fishermen can still make a image of the thing by using a dried skate's body by bending,cutting, and varnishing it, as well." Jeff jumped in.

" From what my book is telling me these monsters can swim in deep water and not being seen. That's probably why no one hasn't discovered them in deep waters because of the machines drivers are using are scaring them away or someone else is controlling them and making them attack fishermen." Fritz pointed out.

" Very solid points, Fritz, but how are we going to be able to face off these creatures if we don't have the proper equipment to do so ? " John asked them.

" I'm glad you asked, John, follow me to Otter's laboratory." Kyle said, as he motioned towards Otter's room.

Dr. Nathaniel Masterson--Otter--had apparently been working nonstop since the night before. He opened the door "Morning already?" he quipped. "What is this anyway? Tuesday?"

"Thursday" Kyle noted. "It's time for that little project I asked you to work on...".

" Welcome to my laboratory, folks, I hope you liked what I've to the place." he laughed, " Anyways, allow me to show you the new scuba gear that Dr. Stevens came up with a few weeks ago."

" You mean the one he was wearing when he fell asleep in the bathtub?" Andy joked.

" With his cat sitting on his chest, licking it's own butt?" Jeff jumped in laughing.

" I'll be sure to tamper with your oxygen levels after this is over." Kyle turned towards them.

" As I was saying." Otter interrupted all three of them, " I have completed the final stages of the scuba gear. Their color is black and orange with underwater proton packs and traps built into them--it's based off the plasma core system Jeff likes so much, but a full-size pack would make you guys sink like great big rocks."

"I can verify that from personal experience" Fritz agreed, remembering the New Year's bust where he'd been thrown into Zagnut's swimming pool."

Otter continued. "They also have a air tank slightly below the proton packs that'll last for 12 hours. They will also come with voice communicators and I will monitor you oxygen levels just in case there's a malfunction."

" I like what I'm hearing...I just can't wait to try them on." Joey said, with delight.

"Makes me glad I'm not going in this one." Chelsea said. "Orange makes me look fat."

"Maybe I can have one made for you in purple." Fritz retorted, with an affectionate smirk.

A few moments later, the whole team gathered everything they needed and drove to Long Beach.

Long Beach, CA.....9:30 am......
The two teams arrived to the area and they settled out of their customary vehicles, unloading their gear while the people at the beach watched them.

" I'll go the boating docks." Andy said.

" Shall I go with him in case he gets pissed off ?" Robert smirked.

Andy laughed while he gave Robert the middle finger.

A few minutes later he waved everyone to come to the boating docks.

" He said that we can rent the boat for $ 700 dollars, but he will knock off $250 dollars, if we bring this boat back in one piece." Andy told them, as Joey, a mental image of his Under Budget Bonus Check taking flight and departing for elsewhere, sank his head in disappointment.

"Dawg, can't Doctor V get us a Ghostbusting boat? Like, an ECTO-2 or something..."

"ECTO-5 would be the first available number." Ron informed him. "ECTO-2 is a copter, ECTO-3 is a kind of lame unicycle, and ECTO-4 is the Professor's spiffy dimension-jumping gyrowing..."

"I am so sorry I asked." Chad chuckled.

Otter unloaded the scuba gear from the Ecto-1S; of course, he was upset and cussing about unloading the scuba gear by himself.

" I don't think the boat can hold all that scuba gear." Peter said.

" The boat should be able to hold everyone." Ron said. "I bet some of my NOMAD guys woulda' ate this stuff up--the gear is pretty good." Ron said.

While they were loading everything into the boat , Jeremy and John saw a unusual thing swimming past them at swift pace.

" Guys,..... I think their closer to us than y'all thought." John commended.

" Well, in that case, John, I'll be the first one to try on the scuba gear--Peter and Andy,too." Kyle said.

So they placed the scuba gear on and jumped into the water.

" Watch this." Kyle said as he took a tube of fake, scentless blood and sprayed some of it out.

The team in the boat, who were trying to put their gear on saw the blood appearing near in the water close to them.

" Ummm....crap." Jeff deadpanned, " Joey, you might want to look at this."

" Oh, darn, Jeff, I hope a shark didn't attack them." Joey said, very concerned.

Everyone peered over the boat, watching for someone to surface over the water. A few mintues later there was a something hitting the boat.

" Fritz, go check to see what is underneath us." Joey said, " Since Otter's discovered that they weren't attacked by a shark or anything else."

After Fritz got suited up, he jumped into the water. He grew a little annoyed by Kyle's prank until he saw one of the Jenny Hanivers swimming slowly behind them.

He tried to communicate with them but his speaker couldn't work so he pointed out that the creature was behind them.

Peter said, " Guys, one of them is behind us."

A moment later, everyone had jumped into the ocean where they surrounded by 11 of Jenny Hanivers.

" This doesn't look good." Jeremy said, " I think they're warning us."

Dan would be wetting himself Ron smirked, thinking of NOMAD's cryptozoologist. He shoved the thought out of his head--no matter how much he missed those guys, he had a job to do.

" You're right, Jeremy" Kyle said. "This is what we're going to do. We'll basically shot them down until they tire weaken down and then we trap them. And another thing, guys, let them follow you."

So everyone swam away from each other so they could fight off the sea creatures on their own.

Robert went up first against the one charging towards him.

" You come you bloody sissy-looking piece of crap." he taunted it.

The monster tried to take a bite out of him, but Robert charged up his blaster and blasted it.

The creature was stunned and he pressed the switch for his trap to out up and the creature was sucked into his trap.

Fritz, John, and Ron managed to capture the ones who were opposing them.

Later, everyone managed to capture the Jenny Hanivers that were trying to attack them.

" Well, that wasn't so bad after all." Joey said, as everyone looked at him strangely.

So the whole team swam above the water and climbed into the boat.

" I'm willing to bet that we will never have another moment to see a Jenny Haniver in California the rest of our lives." Andy said, as he took his helmet off.

" Don't be sure of that , Andy." Fritz said, glacing at his PKE meter. He'd managed to get his speaker working by this point.

" Sometimes I wish I stayed at the comic shop....." Jeff said, as they all saw this huge sixty foot, big as a megaladon Jenny Haniver raise its head above water slowly swimming towards them.

" Look, Ma, no fins !" Andy joked, as the creature was getting closer towards them.

" Bloody mess, mates, looks like we're screwed for good." Robert said.

To Be Continued
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