Filed by Dr. Kyle Stevens, South Team Co-Captain
GBI Case File No. GBWC-2004-22/102

July 2004
Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline Year 22
The midnight's moon glazed across the sky. The force of nature glistened with pleasure and peace.

The peace was broken by the howling siren of the ECTO-1S, roaring down the street. Just in front of it was a shaggy creature, resembling a large canine, but the size and mass of a human being.

If it wasn't a werewolf, it was close enough for the members of the Ghostbusters West Coast's South Team; they'd already dealt with werewolves, and weren't going to take any chances.

" Step on it, Kyle ! " Andy Harness exclaimed.

" I'm trying to, Andy. " Kyle Stevens bit back, a little annoyed.

The werewolf turned a dark alley and quickly scaled the side of a building. The ECTO-1S swerved to catch the creature, but in the seconds it took, it was gone.

" Dammit ! We've lost it ! " cursed Andy, seemingly steamed over losing sight of the creature.

Kyle grabbed the radio and said," Calling Dr. Fritz. Calling Dr. Fritz. Over ? "

" Fritz here Kyle, what's the news?" Dr. Fritz Baugh, the team's oldest member and co-captain of the North Team, responded.

" Fritz, we've lost the creature. It sure looked like a werewolf, but now I can't get a lock on it. Kyle explained.

" We'll see what we can do with the remote sensors, Kyle. Fritz out." he radioed back.

A few minutes later the PKE meters went nuts. Suddenly, a shimmering hole in the air appeared

" Guys, this can't be good." Kyle warned them "It's throwing off epsilon's a dimensional gate!!!"

" Holy shit !" Jeff Nash exclaimed, " Fritz, we have a serious problem here. Fritz ? Fritz ?!?"

There were primal screams and unearthly howls filling the air, as spirits and other unholy entities streamed from the roiling dimensional gate.

Peter Kong's eyes came unglued from his Gameboy, witnessing the carnage in front of him and his team.

Kyle and Jeff scanned the events with their PKE meters.

" Too much psychoplasmic energy for the meter to handle." Jeff grumbled, as the Error: PK Level Exceeds Sensor Tolerance Parameter message flashed on the screen.

" Um...not to be rude, Dawgs, but what about the fucking werewolf we were chasing?" Mike Chad exclaimed.

Andy glanced at the scene and stated, " I think this is a lot bigger than one lonely lost mutt-boy. Not to worry, guys, I think we'll be able to stop it."

So they motioned towards the city full of terror.

"And may I double that 'holy shit' while we're at it." Jeff noted. "Chances are we might have to call reinforcements."

The men moved towards the city covered by whatever spirits that infested it.

" Keep them steady, guys, we can't lose anyone here." Andy said.

" It's in the bag, guys, once we get in and out of here. We'll be heroes." Kong stated.

A wraith drifted towards them, using its lifesight and pandemonium powers on them. The five men stood there for a moment.

" Let's show this thing what we're made of." Andy shouted.

They charged their proton beams and opened fire on the wraith. It was stunned when the streams struck it. Peter flipped the trap to the ground, sliding it under the wraith. He stomped on the foot panel. The trap's vortex came open and sucked it in.

" Nice shots...but we still have to shut the door or it's gonna only get deeper." Andy stated.

Before their eyes, they could see all that was going on. Werewolves fighting ghosts,spirits, and other evil-looking creations.

" Man, this is deep." Jeff deadpanned, " We've hit a supernatural war in our backyard."

"Anubis...Gozer...when are we gonna get a fucking break?" Andy grumbled "What if someone's bringing this to life ?"

" That proves a valid point, Andy, but this is just too unreal to be true." Kyle stated.

"Says the guy who once got turned into the Incredible Hulk..." Jeff turned his head to see that Chad and Peter were gone.

" They're gone, guys." Jeff said to them, while Kyle and Andy turned their heads.

" That's just great. Now we have two choices, find them or find out whose doing it." Andy stated.

" Good luck finding them." a voice told them.

They turned around to face a young female and two guys standing near them.

" I'm Lucy Cloudwalker. These are Lucas Stormfist and Roddy Howllander. We're of the Uktena, Get of Fenris, and the Fianna tribe." she greeted them.

" Interesting names..." Jeff deadpanned.

" We're the Ghostbusters: West Coast." Kyle quipped, " We're here to put an end to what or whoever started this."

" Puny homid, you cannot stop the Apocalypse from coming." the Get told him.

" We'll see about that." Kyle said, aggressively.

"Ask me where I was on June 8th this year." Jeff agreed, a tad of defiance tinging his voice.

The moment all the werewolf tribes came to where the others were located.

Calvin, the Silver Fang leader stated, " Somehow the wyrmholes have been opened by a Black Spiral Dancer metis, Alex Ironvoice. We must put an end to his reign of terror before it's too late."

" You and your screwed up of leadership sicken me. We should fight the Wyrm the way Gaia taught us." Lucas said.

" If I make a suggestion. I personally think that everyone should do their part. You are the werewolves, I assume, have your own culture and way of life. Including your different tribes among your society. Quit arguing with each other and attack the enemy with the knowledge that you have. We'll find the person whose doing this, while the rest of you ward of the spirits." Kyle explained.

" Very well, the Black Furies, Silent Striders, Get of Fenris, and the Fianna will attack the bane spirits in the inner cities. The Glasswalkers, Bonegnawers, Silver Fangs, and the Children of Gaia will advance east. While the Wendigo, Uktena, Red Talons, Shadow Lords, and Stargazers will go west to face off with the wyrm spirits in that area." Calvin stated.

So the werewolves went to what they were supposed to do. The GBWC team settled out for whoever they were supposed to find.

" Man, that was tense. I didn't think that I had the gall to stand up to a Silver Fang leader." Kyle said, very nervously.

"Not all werewolves are evil. The guys in New York know a couple of friendly ones...and the UK guys even have one on their frickin' team..." Jeff pointed out.

" I personally feel like that we're aiding our enemies. We should bust them all, or let 'em kill each other first." Andy quipped.

"This is their world, their city, as well. The enemy of my enemy, is my friend." Kyle stated.

"You're a frickin' expert on werewolves too?" Jeff rolled his eyes. "What medical school did you attend again?"

Their PKE meters were still scrambled due to the massive activity going on.

However, they did luck out on who they were trying to find. The werewolf Black Spiral Dancer metis, Alex Ironvoice was summoning the Avatar of Consumption, Khooloobh.

In his Garou language, which none of the Ghostbusters could understand, he chanted. The team saw Peter Kong and Micheal Chad bound to sacrificial poles.

" Aw, hell no !!" Jeff stated angrily " I've had enough of this crap."

The three men charged their throwers and opened fire upon the chanting Black Spiral Dancer.

Before the beams could hit the werewolf, the Avatar of Consumption manifested in front of them.

The streams had very little effect on it. The team managed to dodge its own version of a spiritual blast.

Andy motioned towards his trapped teammates. Alex saw him, but before he could get to Dr. Harness Lucas Stormfist, of the Get of Fenris tribe slipped behind him, using his hammer to slam into the back of Black Spiral Dancer's neck, of course, he swiftly beat his enemy down until Alex was dead.

"That was a little rough, wasn't it?" Andy muttered. The Fenris didn't hear him, which was probably just as well.

The Avatar of Consumption's manifestation turned to face the Get of Fenris. It sucked the Black Spiral Dancer's lifeless body into its gapping maw, swallowing Alex's body and soul.

The rest of the werewolves surrounded the whole area of Central L.A. where the Avatar of Consumption was being summoned.

They formed around to summon their totem spirits for guidance and strength at their time of need.

Dr. Harness managed to free his teammates. With a sigh of relief, he saw the ECTO-1N pull up; the remaining GBWC members Dr. Fritz Baugh, Jeremy Hicks, Dr. Robert Griffiths, Leon Hogan and Dr. Joey Williams managed to appear at the scene of the event.

" I'm glad to see you could make it, Fritters, what happened to you on the radio ?" Andy questioned him.

" The radio went out. There was possibly a electrical blow out that caused it to short circuit." Fritz replied.

After they stepped out into the open field. Fritz glanced at his PKE meter, thus realizing if the bane spirits and the Black Spiral Dancers succeed. The wyrmhole would unleash the Wyrm Avatar, Khooloobh, the Urge of Consumption.

" This ins't good at all. If my sources are correct the wormhole will become active and all life as we know it will be engulfed by whatever will come out of it." Fritz explained. He'd activated the filters on his to screen out all but the most impressive of activity.

Meanwhile the werewolves were fighting the bane spirits and Black Spiral Dancers,( werewolves who willingly serve the Wyrm in order to destroy the forces of Gaia). The good thing is the werewolves, who serve Gaia, were winning, but barely. The ones who were injured were dragged off to be healed or regenerate themselves. The time was drawing near as the wyrmhole's power was increasing.

A massive figure slowly stepped out of the wyrmhole.

" There can be only one consumer and that is, Khooloobh, the Avatar of Consumption !" it bellowed.

The werewolves quickly ran off to reconfigure a strategy against the Avatar of Consumption. Thus, leaving the GBWC team able to attend to this matter themselves.

The Black Spiral Dancers willingly bowed down to this behemoth avatar.

" Be forever consumed inside my massive maw for all eternity !" it bellowed.

" This is swell." Jeff deadpanned, " Us being into that thing's maw. Who would've known."

" If I could step in? There's a chance that we could shut this thing within its own realm. The problem is, it's the oldest means of protonic reversal in the books: cross the streams." Fritz jumped in.

"It's worth a shot, Fritz, I don't hear anyone else complaining about it." Joey mentioned.

" What other choice do we have, guys, this is our moment to save the this state and save the world." Leon stated.

" I'd say that we show our unwelcome guest how we do things in downtown L.A." Joey boasted.

There was no time left to make a decision. So at their last moment of life. They began to think of their happy moments of the things that they enjoyed.

Jeff was thinking of his Evil Dead movies, comic book heroes, and his daily rivalry with Dr. Andy Harness.

Kyle was thinking of the his medical practices, his paranormal studies, and the two cats that he deeply cared for.

Andy basically thought of his group, the ETGB and his daily rivalry with Dr. Jeff Nash.

Michael thought of his college studies, his videogames, and the time spent with the GBWC.

Peter was thinking of his favorite cartoons, his videogames, plus the moments he spent with his father and grandfather.

Fritz thought about his college studies, his moments with Chelsea Aberdeen, and the adventures that he dealt with his teammates.

Joey, of course, was thinking about women and how he would like to guest star on Colin Quinn's Tough Crowd.

Robert was remembering his computer studies, being on the beach, and the moments with his teammates.

Leon was thinking about the brief moments that he'd spent with the group.

They switched their throwers on.

" I have been waiting for this moment, mates, it's about time we send this thing back to its realm." Robert stated.

" Nice working with you, guys." Peter said.

" Same to you, Peter, I'll miss us playing Zelda and Mario Brothers together." Michael told him.

" Let's do things." Jeremy said, thinking of his moments of being apart of GBI history. And about Sarah...

The GBWC team slowly approached Khooloobh.

" This is the treat Gaia has sent me? Blah ! Go back and stir in your own graves ! Begone you worthless fools !" it bellowed.

The GBWC team took aim and fired away at the Avatar of Consumption.

"We'll show this sack of puke who's 'worthless'..." Andy smirked.

" Whoa ! No ! This can't be ! I cannot be defeated !" it bellowed.

" Happy New Year !" Andy shouted.

The team crossed the streams and the effect rippled across the wyrmhole. The force was causing their bodies to give in. Each one collapsed individually.

There was a massive explosion, and with a scream the Avatar of Consumption was sucked back into the glowing hole...which vanished into nothing.

The werewolves surrounded the fallen heroes and helped them to their feet. They also celebrated the victory that handed to them.

Calvin stood up and stated, " I declare this to be our day of victory and these brave men who stepped in to give us this glorious victory. They will be marked into our Garou history from this day on. Gaia would be pleased."

" Gaia ?" Jeremy asked,quietly.

" Gaia is their main creator and they believe her to be their "Mother Goddess"." Kyle quipped, " Garou is what they must called themselves in their society."

Jeremy glanced at him with a surprised look on his face.

" I wonder who taught him or what colleges he really attended..." Jeff deadpanned towards Jeremy.

" Who knows." he whispered back at Jeff. "He does date a vampire you know..."

"But he was like this before he ever met her..."

While the celebration was over all the werewolves left to return to their rightful places or homelands.

" Well, guys, that was unexpected." Peter stated.

" I realized that I had a dislike and misunderstanding for werewolves. I learned that not all of them have evil intentions within themselves." Kyle admitted.

" Perhaps, we all learn something about ourselves and willing to put aside our dislikes when the time of need is truly desired." Jeff remarked, with a smirk on his face.

They loaded back into their vehicles and headed back to Ghostbusters Central West.

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Based on Ghostbusters Created by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis

Ghostbusters West Coast Division Created by Andy Harness and Vincent Belmont

Many of the werewolf concepts inspired by White Wolf's Werewolf: The Apocalypse
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