Filed by Mick Nielson, GBWC
GBI Case File No. GBWC-2008-27/317

February 2009
Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline Year Twenty-Six

Chapter Three

Restless... So Restless... Gotta focus... Cant even see straight. My vision keeps darting towards the women... so many women around here, but I need HER, the one I'm following... have to focus, cant lose control during the procedure... everything could be lost if I do. Oh no... He's here.

Miss me?

No... Stay away... Just for a few hours.

No can do, gonna go BOLLOCKS crazy tonight, boy...
Another woman dead. The same killer, same things done to the body, but the latest one showed signs of having been defiled as well... The killer was obviously VERY sick.

Mick shook his head, turning to Jeff and laying the folder down on the desk as they waited outside Fritz's lab. "Any thoughts?"

"Your guess is as good as mine until Fritz comes back with the test results from those potions." He said, shrugging. "You get anywhere with those Templar links?"

"Nothing yet, there's so many bullshit theories surrounding that group that its hard to sift the legends and conspiracy theories out of the true stories..."

"Yeah... We should probably bring Belmont in on this." Jeff said.

"I tried contacting him, but Jill said he's a little more than out of town."

"Great." Jeff said, shaking his head. "Just like Belmont to disappear to another dimension when we need him."

Fritz came out of his lab and held up some papers. "Well, I got some answers about the solution itself, but no specifics on what it has to do with this case."

"Well lets hear it, the suspense is killing me..." Jeff said flatly.

"It appears that this formula DOES have transmogrification powers, as well as mental alterations..."

"Yes, we already knew that."

"But you don't understand the EXTENT of it... This formula would be HIGHLY addictive and has many narcotic qualities to it. The formula makes the user stronger, faster, more durable and less vulnerable to pain. It also essentially makes a person's 'dark side' emerge and they act on their basic animal impulses."

"Jesus..." Mick said, thinking. "But what does that have to do with these killings? I mean, I can understand that a person using this is compelled to kill and, in this latest case, rape, but the deaths were surgical and ritualistic. Animal impulses directly contradict that part of it."

"Which probably means the person isn't just killing for fun." Jeff suggested.

"What do you mean?"

"It might be a personal thing, and the person is using this alternate personality to alleviate himself of the guilt he or she would get from murder..."

"Then why experiment on the organs and body parts?" Mick asked.

Jeff thought, then raised his eyebrows. "I'm wrong... The killer isn't even afflicted with the drug while he's killing... He's HIMSELF when he murders these girls."

"Why use the drug on them then?"

"Because he's trying to find a CURE." Jeff said.

"Well lets look into who around the L.A. area has the capability of even MAKING this stuff." Mick said, grabbing his keys.
A few hours later, Mick and Jeff entered the lobby of a massive office building, home to Pheelgude Pharmaceuticals, the employer of the only known chemist in Los Angeles who had ties to the occult. Henry Jenkins.

After letting his receptionist know they had arrived for their appointment, Mick and Jeff sat in the waiting room, doing its namesake proud for the better part of an hour.

"If that secretary flicks her nail one more time... I'm going to stab her paper holder through my eyeball..." Jeff said, seething with anger.

"Mr. Nielson, Mr. Nash, Dr. Jenkins will see you now." The receptionist said, sparing herself from Jeff's rage.
"I'm sorry, are you two police officers?" Dr. Jenkins asked.

"No, we're with Ghostbusters West Coast, investigating a certain case."

"Um... I see. How can I help? I'm not exactly in the realm of the occult anymore."

"We know sir, we were just hoping you'd be willing to try and help us out with a few things. Its come to our attention that a certain formula was involved in the case and we were hoping you could tell us if you know of anyone who has the ability to make it." Mick said, sliding the chemical composition sheet across the desk. Jenkins nodded, taking the paper and examining it. Mick and Jeff watched his reaction closely and it betrayed a slight hesitation when he first saw the paper.

"Hmm... Well, as I said, its been awhile since I have had contact in the occult world... But if you had a list of-" Mick cut him off by tossing a list of the ingredients onto the desk in front of him. "Oh, you do have it..." He finished, looking both sheets over. "As far as I can tell... No, these ingredients are illegal." Jenkins added, sliding the papers back across the desk.

"Well..." Jeff said, pushing them back. "Indulge us. Just for shits and giggles... Say someone GOT the ingredients... Who could make it?"

Jenkins did not look happy about the tenacity of the two men before him as he picked up the papers again. "Well, you'd most certainly have to have access to a lab, at the very LEAST a medical degree's equivalent of knowledge and experience. Otherwise the one consuming the formula would almost certainly die. In addition, with THIS particular formula, you'd have to have an extensive knowledge of occult ingredients."

"Oh, so someone... Kinda like you, then?" Mick asked, crossing his legs.

"Well, yes, someone with my experience I suppose." Jenkins said, frowning.

"Thank you, sir. We'll call if we have more questions and you are willing to answer them."

"Oh of course, I intend to make this my business." He said, shaking their hands and having his receptionist show them out.
Down in the parking lot, Jeff nodded to Mick as they climbed into the car. "Oh yeah... He's hiding something. I dunno if HE'S doing it, but he definitely knows who is."
Jenkins stared out the window, glaring at nothing in particular. "Joyce... If those two attempt to make another appointment, push them back as far as possible. If they call, tell them I'm out."

"Yes Sir." She said over the intercom.

Jenkins turned and sat down at the desk once again, checking his watch.
"I'm sorry, neither Mr. Nash or Mr. Nielson are here right now." Rose said, painting her nails.

On the other end of the phone, Detective Matheson sighed, frustrated. "Well as soon as one of them get back, can you have them call me?"

"Absolutely. Soon as they walk in I'll tell them." She said.

"Thank you." He said, hanging up.

Rose dropped the phone onto the hang-up and returned to painting her nails. A moment later, Jeff and Mick walked in. "Oh hey, that cop just called looking for you. You want his number?"

"No, we aren't done yet." Mick said as the two of them headed upstairs to their offices. "We give the cops Jenkins now and they'll NEVER be able to pin anything on him, we gotta get something more solid first."

"Maybe there's something about who the victims were?" Jeff suggested. "A girl who worked in a shop owned by her father, a Wiccan healer, a Charm store, and of course, the voodoo shop in little Haiti."

Mick thought about it, then nodded. "Well that's something to think about. Why would he kill those people?"

"Competition? Pharmaceutical companies and natural healers don't exactly work together well." Jeff suggested. "I think we need to look into Jenkins' enemies list.


Jeff shrugged. "Well, I suggest we start at his office."
Matheson hung up the phone and groaned, spinning around in his chair slowly, thinking. His partner, Rodriguez, watched, trying to bite his tongue, but knowing that the Ghostbusters were jerking them around. "They aren't there still?"


"How many times did you call?"

"About four today."

"Nice..." He said, then stood up, grabbing his coat and putting it on.

"Where you goin'?" Matheson asked him.

"Just out, I'll be back in an hour or so."

"We got work to do!"

"I know, that's where I'm going." He mumbled as the door shut behind him.
Mick stuck the file folder in his mouth and slid down the fire pole to the first floor, taking them out again as he headed over to Fritz's office.

"That was necessary..."

"You know me, always have to make an entrance..." He said, knocking on the door.

"Come in." Fritz said, and Mick walked in, setting down the folder on the desk.

"Did you ever hear anything about the Templar Knights being rumored to hold high positions of power in the City Council?"

"Of course, there's rumors of that everywhere."

"Yeah, but this is too much of a coincidence, Jenkins, the guy we think is involved in this, he associates with a bunch of these guys on a regular basis. He's been to all their charity events, their huge political parties, he endorses their campaigns... This is bigger than we thought."

"Hmmm...." Fritz said, adjusting his glasses as he looked through the pictures and notes Mick had taken. "Well, I'd advise a LOT of caution while following this up. Did you notify the cops yet?"

"No, I don't want them scaring off whoever is actually responsible. Me and Jeff gotta find out who's at the SOURCE of this mess before the bulls come in and start raising Hell." Mick said, crossing his arms.

Fritz sighed, taking his glasses off and rubbing his eyes. "Look, Mick... I know you're used to making these kinds of decisions. You were a team leader, you still tend to assume a kind of command when you're out in the field..."

"Hey, I know this is your show, Fritz, I don't forget that I'm just one of the grunts here-"
Mick said honestly.

"Lemme finish..." He said, holding up a hand. "Taking command out in the field is fine, its NECESSARY to keep the team from injury or death when a decision needs to be made on the fly. I appreciate that you are able to do that, but when it comes to things like this, you HAVE to come to me first. You cant do something as rash as cutting out the LAPD from a murder investigation that WE were brought in on."

Mick shifted anxiously a bit. "So... You're telling me that we have to let them ruin the investigation?"

Fritz replaced his glasses, folding his hands in front of him on the desk. "I didn't say that. I just wanted you to TELL me what you're doing before you start trying to avoid cops." He said, handing the folder back to Mick, who grinned.

"No problem, Boss." He said, taking the folder and heading out of the office.
About an hour later, the sun had set and Jeff and Mick headed briskly towards the Pheelgude building, trying to stay out of sight, both of the public and ducking under security cameras. They reached the back door and Mick stepped away from the building to make sure nobody was in sight. "Okay, go." He whispered.

Jeff placed his hand on the door lock and shut his eyes. Inside the lock, a thick layer of frost crept along the metal tumblers, completely turning them to solid ice within moments. The frost continued, following the wires through the wall, which led up to the keypad for the alarm and froze it solid as well, frying the electronic components. Jeff then removed his hand and took out a small ice pick and a hammer, smacking it once and shattering the entire lock with only a tiny 'chink' sound.

"We're in." He said, opening the door and heading inside, followed closely by Mick.

The two Ghostbusters headed down the hall silently, peering around the corner and spotting a security guard making his rounds, his back to them. Just down the hall was the stairwell entrance, merely a few steps away. They looked at one another, nodding and Mick held up his hand, silently counting down from three, then they both moved, heading straight for the door and ducking inside only moments before the guard turned, shining his light at the hallway suspiciously. He headed towards the door and pushed it open, looking inside a moment. "huh..." He said to himself, then shut the door again.

Just over the doorway, Jeff had pinned himself into the corner underneath the second flight of stairs with his arms and legs. He dropped silently to the floor, waiting until the guard's footsteps faded, then snapped his fingers. Mick slowly lowered himself down from the second flight's railing and stepped down onto the banister, then onto the stairs. "Good work." Jeff said, nodding.

The Ghostbusters raced up the stairs, staying quiet and keeping their eyes out for video cameras. When they reached Jenkins' floor, they stopped short, ducking back down before it rotated towards them. Mick turned to Jeff, whispering. "I got an idea..."

After they decided, They waited until the camera had turned completely, then Mick slide out across the floor, pressing against the wall right under the camera just as it panned across the stairs again. His body tense, Mick waited until the camera made its slow journey back across its track, then snapped his fingers, signaling Jeff.

Jeff climbed up and rushed straight at Mick, who had cupped his hands and Jeff sprang off the makeshift stepladder to the camera and grabbed it, freezing it in its place. Mick moved out from under him and Jeff dropped down to the floor and they slowly opened the door, knowing they didn't have much time before the guards noticed that camera had stopped working.

They hurried down the empty hallway to Jenkins' office and Jeff once again used his "lock-picking" trick to get inside, where they immediately went to work trying to find evidence.
Rodriguez stared at the computer screen in front of him as the tech typed away and the map of Los Angeles appeared, showing several bleeping dots on the screen.

"You're SURE those are the Ghostbusters vehicles?" He asked the tech.

"Yeah, Otter, their mechanic guy had us low-jack all their new cruisers when they got them last year, so the signal codes are still in the system." He explained.

"Good. Any of them out of their HQ right now?"

"Looks like... One of them is moving right now." He said, pointing at them. "This one looks like its headed BACK to headquarters, this one over here though, its halfway across the city and parked."

"Where is it parked?"
Jeff dug through Jenkins' drawers and came across a VERY old looking folder, which sported a Templar symbol. "Mick, look at this." He said, laying it on the desk.

Mick came over and pointed the flashlight at it. "Jeez, this thing looks like its from-" But he was cut off by the lights turning on. Both men jumped, looking up.

"Victorian era... Actually." Jenkins said, strolling into the office, his hands in his pockets casually. "Its very unwise of you two to have come here tonight... You should've just stayed out of it... Gone back to your little spook-fighting business, but no. You had to get involved..." He finished, shaking his head and pulling a needle out of his pocket.

"People know we're here." Mick said. "Something happens to us, they'll come looking."

"I highly doubt you told anyone that you were coming to perform forced entry... Breaking and Entering is most likely NOT in Ghostbusters International's training process..."

"Okay, how bout this then... Jeff is a ninja." Mick said, crossing his arms.

Jeff just looked at him, shaking his head.

Jenkins laughed, then removed the cap from the needle, sticking himself in the leg with it. "I suppose there's no more need to hide, Hyde..."

"Hide hide?" Jeff said, misunderstanding.

A moment later, Jenkins' body seized up and he flung the needle aside, his body recoiling and he yelled out in agony, gripping his stomach. He collapses to his knees and slammed his fists down on the floor and then clutched his hair, groaning.

Mick and Jeff inched towards the door as quickly as they could without alerting the distracted Jenkins, but just as they reached the door, his head shot up, but a very different face greeted them. His chin had jutted out and his bottom teeth had extended, forming a definitive under-bite, his facial hair had grown out, forming an unshaven look, his forehead had bulged slightly, making his face look naturally hard and almost primitive. His eyes were a fiery red now and his muscles could now be seen, even through his suit, flexing as he stood up. "Pleasure to meet you..." He said, his voice now deep, gravely and with a thick English accent. "Names Edward Hyde..."

"You gotta be kidding me..." Jeff said, frowning.

Before either man could get out of the office, the desk was flung across the room and they barely had time to duck before it shattered the entire door frame and sent the office desk tumbling down the hallway. Jeff and Mick dove out the now widened doorway, Jeff clutching the file they'd discovered. Hyde leapt into the hallway, grabbing Mick by his jacket collar and whipping him down the hall and into Jeff, knocking both men violently to the floor. Hyde chuckled darkly, pulling a stub of a cigar out and chewing on it.

"Whatsamatter boys? Not so capable without your little laser backpacks?"

Jeff suddenly rolled over and leveled his rail-gun at Hyde. "Nope, but I make do..." He said, firing. The shot struck Hyde in the chest, blasting him backwards into the wall, shattering the plaster. He grabbed Mick and helped him to his feet as both men ran for the stairs.

Just as they neared the door, however, it opened and the security guard appeared, leveling his gun at them. "FREEZE!" He shouted.

"Man, you really need to move!" Mick shouted.

The guard eyed Jeff's gun and cocked his own weapon. "Drop it!"

Just then, Hyde jumped to his feet, growling and rushing them. The guard's eyes widened and he fired, but the shot did nothing to Hyde. Mick and Jeff shoved past the guard, yanking him into the stairwell and slamming the door into Hyde as he lunged at them. The loud 'BOOM!' of Hyde hitting the door was accompanied by a massive dent, which told them it wouldn't hold for long...

Mick and Jeff barreled down the steps, followed by the security guard, who suddenly forgot they had been trespassing. After about 2 flights, the door exploded off its hinges and the massive form of Hyde came leaping off the balcony and slammed into the railing next to them, reaching at the Ghostbusters. Jeff put the rail gun right up against Hyde's hand, which was holding the railing, and fired. A burst of blood and Hyde growled in pain, tumbling off the side and slamming into the stairs as he fell.

"Well, that's one way to do it..." Mick said. "I don't think we should take it for granted though, lets get the hell outta here."
A few moments later, the three men ran out the exit door and headed for their car. "What the hell was that thing!?" The guard demanded, but the two GB's ignored him as Mick unlocked the car. Suddenly, Jeff felt something metal pressed against the back of his head.

"Drop it, Nash." Rodriguez commanded.

Given the situation, Jeff obliged, holding out his hands. "Look man, this is REALLY not the right time..."

"Why? Should I come back after you guys make your escape from the scene of the crime?" The Detective asked.

"Um, these guys were up in the building, but they are definitely NOT the problem." The guard started, pointing at the building. "THAT is..."

They all turned to look at the door, which framed the muscled silhouette of Hyde as he rushed the glass front. He barreled straight through the frame, sending glass and metal flying in all directions and headed straight at the car. Rodriguez immediately turned and opened fire on the creature, hitting it dead-on, but the bullets had no effect, other than pissing him off.

Hyde reared back his hand and swatted Rodriguez with all his might, sending him flying through one of the store fronts, shattering the window. Mick and Jeff looked on in horror as he disappeared inside the building. The guard had had quite enough by this point and ran for his life, but Hyde wasn't interested in him. He turned his sights back on the two Ghostbusters before him.

Mick didn't waste any more time, he unlocked the door and jumped in, throwing it in reverse and stomping the accelerator. The Ecto-Cruiser flew backward and Hyde skidded to a halt, but a second too slow, and the car slammed into him, rolling over his body and coming to a stop on top of him.

"GET IN!" Mick shouted out the window to Jeff, who didn't waste any time either. He grabbed the rail gun off the ground and dove through the window as Mick drove by and the two sped off, Hyde slowly getting to his feet behind them.
Chapter Four
"I already told you, I have no idea where they are." Fritz said. On the other side of his desk, Matheson was angrily staring at him, his arms folded across his chest.

"You sure? Because we tracked their GPS as leaving the scene of a break-in at an office building downtown. Oh, this might be a big deal too..." He said, scratching his head as though trying to remember. "Oh yeah!" He slammed his hands down on Fritz's desk angrily. "My PARTNER was found pancaked against the wall of a shop across the street!"

Fritz's eyes widened as he searched for a reasonable explanation. "Well... Obviously they found the killer and he wasn't too happy with being found."

"Bullshit!" Matheson shouted, pointing at Fritz. "You just don't wanna admit that you've got two rogue employees running around playing wild west out there! Their involvement in a murder case got to their heads and they've gone off the deep end!"

Fritz pushed himself up from his chair, balancing without his prosthetic by leaning on the desk, glaring at Matheson. "I don't appreciate you making implications like that... You have NO proof whatsoever that Mick and Jeff did ANYTHING wrong, you only have their car leaving that scene. There's probably a reasonable explanation." He said, then the intercom beeped. "Yes?" He said, pressing the button.

"Fritz, I've got someone important on the line for you, its your mother."

Fritz looked down at the phone, confused, then held up a finger to tell Matheson to hold on as he picked it up, lowering himself into the chair again. "Mom?"

"Hello sweetie." Mick Nielson's voice responded from the other side. "You have a friend over right now?"

Fritz glanced at Matheson, who was pacing, looking out the office window. "Yup." He said. "What did you need, mom?"

"We're in big trouble, Fritz, an LAPD officer tried to arrest us and the killer iced him. There was nothing we could do, WE barely made it out of there alive."

"Well I'm just glad to hear from you." Fritz said.

"Yeah, I'm sure that's Matheson in your office now."

"Yeah, definitely is."

"Just let them follow the GPS on the cruiser we're in right now, because we're about to blow this thing wide open and we'll probably need backup." He said, then hung up.

Fritz sighed. "Yeah, love you too, mom. Bye." He said, hanging up, then turning to Matheson. "Look, the fact of the matter is, I don't think Mick and Jeff are guilty of anything, to prove that, I'm gonna help you find them."

"That's the smartest thing you've done in the last week, Baugh..." Matheson said, glaring.
"So where are we going?" Jeff asked, glancing behind them every so often to see if they were being followed.

"Here..." Mick said, handing Jeff the cell phone. "Call up Jenkins' office, pray there's a phone up there he didn't smash."
"No, it doesn't appear that anything is MISSING, but I cant be sure, with everything smashed the way it is..." Jenkins said to the officer as his team searched the office hall. Then, the phone at the reception desk rang and Jenkin's frowned. Nobody should be calling in... He stalked over to the desk and picked it up. "Dr. Jenkins."

"Oh, Jenkins, how are ya? Or should we call you Jekyll?" Jekyll's eye twitched and the color shifted to that of Hyde's briefly. "Still there?" Jeff asked.

"Yes... What do you want?"

"Oh, you mean, what're we willing to make a deal for NOT reporting you to the authorities?"

"Yes. Get on with it."

"Well, bring us cash. Lots and lots of cash, I'm sure you've saved up a lot over the couple hundred years you've been living. Bring it on down to an address that we'll give you, should you agree."

Jekyll squeezed the phone angrily and then took a moment to calm himself so he didn't transform. "Alright, where?"
"I have a bad feeling about this..." Jeff said as he and Mick pulled up across the street from Midnite. "Why cant we just lure him somewhere like... Oh I dunno... an abandoned mine, or... an oil rig, someplace we can blow up and kill him in a dramatic and overtly stereotypical way?"

"Because, Jeff... We aren't cops, this is a murder investigation. We destroy MONSTERS, not people. Jekyll is still a human."

"Well, that's debatable, seeing the files in here..." Jeff said, looking through the folder.

"What'd you find?"

"Apparently, Jekyll was a Templar Knight and when his experiment got out of control and he realized he couldn't be killed, he was so desperate for a cure that in his HUMAN form, he started stalking hookers and slaughtering them in ritualistic ways, experimenting on their bodies to see if he could reverse the process. The Templar Knights caught him and, because of his long-standing service, covered it up for him. They sent letters to the police from 'Jack the Ripper' and started an entire legend to keep him safe, then Jekyll escaped from them and disappeared."

"Why now though? Why here in L.A.?"

"Judging by his notes..." Jeff said, flipping through them. "He found a possible cure, but he needed to test it on someone with AB Positive blood, like him, who also had been exposed to some kind of magic-related substances."

"Which explains why the victims were chosen..." Mick said, nodding. "Hey, what blood type are you?" He asked, turning to look at him.

Jeff glared at him. "Why?"

Mick looked at his watch, nodding. "We got time..."

"For what?"

"To go see your friend Maverick" He said, then sped off.
Jenkins approached the address, spotting the Ecto-Cruiser parked by the curb, still dented in the rear bumper from where they'd slammed into Hyde. He carried the briefcase of money in his right hand and hoped that they weren't planning to try to attack him, because if Hyde got out on his own now... He wouldn't stop until both of them were dead.

He approached the car, but nobody was sitting inside it, so he looked around, spotting them across the street in front of a nightclub. Public place, of course.

"I have your money, you have my file?" He asked, approaching.

"Its around here somewhere." Mick said, nodding.

"Well I'm not handing over the cash until you give me it." Jekyll said, his grip tightening around the briefcase.

"How do we know you're not just gonna hulk-out on us once we give you the file?" Jeff asked, leaning against the doorway.

"Stop playing games!" he shouted, cringing as a small twang of pain hit him in the stomach. He quickly composed himself, calming down.

"Well, you seem to agitated to talk about this now, so we'll just go have some drinks and come back later..." Mick said, motioning for Jeff to follow him into the club. Jekyll clenched his jaw and followed.

"Hey! Don't walk away from me!" He shouted after them, pushing his way through the crowd before catching up to them. He grabbed Nielson by the shoulder and spun him around. "Give me my file and take your money or I'll put my fist through your FACE!" He shouted, feeling his blood-pressure rising and a general ache welling up in his stomach now.

"Hey, I don't deal with unstable schizophrenics, you wanna talk, then talk."

"You're trying my patience..." He said, darkly.

"Just hand over the cash and we'll give you the file." Jeff said, shoving him off Mick.

"You shouldn't push me like that..."

"NIELSON!" A loud, booming voice shouted from across the room. The music cut-off and all the heads turned to see Papa Midnite stalking across the room. "You try to pawn off cheap trinkets on ME!? IN MY OWN HOUSE!?" He bellowed, his arms moving out to his sides as he prepared to use a spell.

"Excuse me, I have business with him, you can wait your turn." Jekyll declared.

"Who are YOU?" Midnite demanded. "This is my place, you either move aside or you'll regret stepping in my way..." He said, then a bouncer clamped a hand down onto Jekyll's shoulder and yanked him back towards the door. Jekyll dropped his briefcase and grabbed the bouncer's hand, squeezing it and crushing the bones. The bouncer fell to his knees, groaning in agony.

"Alright... If this is the way you want it..." He said, then doubled over, transforming.

Midnite, not noticing what happened, lunged at Mick, grabbing him under his ribs and slamming him into the wall, Mick cried out in pain as Midnite's fingers burned into his shirt like they were embers.

Jeff didn't wait a moment longer, he froze Midnite's feet to the floor, then spin-kicked him in the chest, knocking him away from Mick, who tumbled to the floor, clutching his ribs as the smoke disappeared.

Midnite stumbled backwards, then just before he lunged to attack again, he looked over and saw one of his bouncers being flung aside like a rag-doll as the patrons fled. Hyde's monstrous form rose up from the crowd and he back-handed another bouncer aside as he rushed forward. Midnite growled and thrust his hands forward at Hyde, knocking him off balance and then rushed him, blasting fire into his chest. Hyde roared in pain and pounded his chest to put it out.

"This how you hoped it would go?" Jeff asked, helping Mick up off the ground.

Mick coughed. "Yeah... Going good sofar... You got the vial Maverick gave you?"

"Yup." Jeff said, holding it up.

"Good..." Mick said, taking it. "Go do your thing, Iceman."

"Right, and if you call me Iceman again, blue balls will take on a whole new meaning for you."

The two Ghostbusters rushed into the thick of the battle, Jeff froze a few of the bouncers in their path and then blasted a thick sheet of ice into the floor, which Mick did a baseball slide down and took him right at Mr. Hyde, who was too busy fighting to notice him. Mick slide right past him and stabbed the vial into Hyde's leg, plunging the liquid into him.

Hyde felt the needle and looked down, spotting Nielson on the ground now. He roared and raised his leg up to stomp him, but he suddenly was thrown off-balance as his other bare foot was frozen to the floor. He lost his balance and went crashing down to the ground. Suddenly, he began thrashing around violently and his body began to shrink.

Just as they were all watching Hyde, the front door burst open and a squad of SWAT team officers poured into the nightclub. Jeff and Mick raised their hands and the bouncers followed suit. Matheson appeared, followed by Fritz. The detective looked over just in time to see Hyde transform back into Jekyll, or Jenkins as he was known nowadays, then looked at the two Ghostbusters in front of him.

"So you got your man?"

"Nope, you have YOURS." Jeff said.

"Put your hands down..." He said, going over and hand-cuffing Jekyll and pulling him to his feet. "We'll take him from here." He said.

Mick looked at Matheson's hand and nodded. "I'm sure you will."

Matheson glanced down at his ring, which bore the Knights Templar symbol on it and smirked, nodding. "See you boys around..."
Outside, Mick and Jeff leaned against the car, watching Midnite being led out in handcuffs. He looked over at Mick and smiled. "Well-played, Nielson!" He shouted, then was put into the car.

"How long you think they'll be able to hold him?" Jeff asked.

"Oh... He'll be out by morning." He said, chuckling.

Fritz approached, shaking his head. "You guys are crazy, you know that?"

Mick checked his watch. "Yeah, crazy and earning.... Now 12 hours overtime." He said, smiling.

Fritz checked his watch, sighing. "Yup... I'll cut your checks tomorrow."

"Thanks boss." They both said, climbing into the car.

"Hey, you hungry?" Jeff asked as he shut his door.

"Yeah, I could go for a bite. There's a place off Mulholland that is pretty good."

"Right on, but get us there quick, I'm REALLY friggin' hungry." Jeff said.

Mick hit the lights and the siren on the cruiser and sped off, dodging through traffic as he went.

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